Vaulting horse Chunky Monkey receives lifetime achievement award

“He is the safest, kindest vaulting horse of all time,” Nicole Collins, head coach of Complete Equestrian Vaulters said referring to Chunky Monkey. The 17-year-old horse received a lifetime achievement award last month at the organization’s Heart Beats Gala and annual fundraiser held at the B.W. Pickett Arena on Overland Trail in Fort Collins. Equestrian vaulting is open to all ages and can be competitive or noncompetitive.

Chunky Monkey has played a major role in training young equestrian vaulters as they take the first steps to attaining competence in the sport. He has trained many national champions and is currently one of the country’s most famous equestrian vaulting horses.

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“He instills a lifetime of confidence so vaulters can improve and excel. Our team is fortunate to have him,” Collins said.

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