W.O.L.F. Sanctuary Protestor May Have Ulterior Motives

On October 26th, the North Forty News received an e-mail from a Glacier View resident about the W.O.L.F. story. He said he was reading the comments and noticed several negatives from a Chris Rustig. The resident had seen frequent entries from Chris Rustig in the Nextdoor e-mail network, but after much research by himself and a few curious others, they could find no Chris Rustig in the area. Further research showed Chris Rustig to be the pen name for Rob Niedenzu, a resident, (and LEAD on Nextdoor) of Red Feather Highlands. He is the originator of a small but very vocal anti-W.O.L.F. group (website – QuietMountains.org). “Chris Rustig” has a long and frequent history of verbalization regarding W.O.L.F.

Rob Niedenzu is a GIS/Field Services manager and also an avid hunter, as evidenced by his website. Prior to W.O.L.F. purchasing the land, there were and still are multiple indications that he used the area near the W.O.L.F. property as his hunting preserve. Parts of the evidence were very elaborate and permanent hunting blinds, made of metal and in very good condition.

According to a source who would like to remain anonymous, Lenora Arevalos, a law enforcement officer at the U.S. Forest Service was the investigating officer at the site but refused to share her report, saying it was confidential. She did say the reason she was told the blinds were left up permanently was because they were too old to be taken up and down and they didn’t know they could do that anyway. Rob had asked Lenora if he could leave them up through the hunting season (this was last year) and she told them they had to be taken down the following weekend. They were taken down.

The anti-W.O.L.F. protestors are concerned about the howling of the wolf/dogs disturbing the neighborhood and wildlife. There is also the concern as to what would happen if one or more animals escape. That Mr. Niedenzu is enraged to have his favorite hunting ground snatched away from him is certainly understandable. If only it had been his in the first place.


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