Walrus Retreat Alley — Bravo to Urban Renewal, Privately Funded

Walrus Ice Cream
Walrus Retreat Alley

Walrus Ice Cream

Walrus Ice Cream around Fort Collins are alleys, many of them well-lit and in excellent condition, providing exits from back parking lots and handy locations for delivery trucks.

But rarely, an infrequently-used alley invites trouble such as loitering, alcohol, litter, public urination, and graffiti — such was the case with the alley west of Walrus Ice Cream.

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A view of Walrus Alley on the West side of the store in Old Town Fort Collins.


An ice cream parlor is such a kid-friendly business that Walrus owner Lisa Paugh was understandably alarmed about what the west alley, directly adjacent to her business, had become.

So she checked with the City to gain permission and created a design to turn the west alley into a more ice cream parlor and family-friendly kind of place.

All her hard work resulted in the much-improved contribution to the City we see today — Walrus Retreat alley including bike racks, planters, decorative inlaid concrete ice cream cones with colorful stone sprinkles and for safety, with an alternate alley to the east of the store, closing the west alley off to cars.

As you tool around Fort Collins on foot or on your wheels, stop by to take a look, lock up your bike on the well-designed bike rack, and be sure to drop in for any one or a combination of Walrus’s on-average 29 available flavors out of a rotating inventory of a possible 400 flavors.

And just in case you brought your pup, Sunday is Scoop Doggie Day, offering a free doggie scoop for your pup to eat on the patio. Walrus Ice Cream at 125 West Mountain Avenue, just west of College, is open: Monday — Saturday, 11am to 10pm and Sunday, 12pm to 10pm. Voted Number One in New SCENE Magazine’s July 2018 issue, visit Walrus and we bet you’ll be “ice creamhappy!”

Walrus Ice Cream
Walrus Retreat Alley imbedded concrete ice cream cones with stone sprinkles.