Wellington Town Board addresses water meters, smoking in the park and tall weeds

During its June 11 meeting, the Wellington Board of Trustees addressed a number of issues affecting the community.

After a discussion and presentation of the options for installing new infrastructure for water metering, the board concluded that for now the current system of manual meter reading is adequate and working well. They voted not to spend the money on a new system.

A proposal to prohibit smoking in public parks in town was unanimously approved. Signs will be posted announcing the new policy.

An ordinance to modify procedures for weed abatement was approved and will require notices be sent to property owners when weeds reach a height of 6 inches, rather than 8 inches, the limit in the past. Notification will be by regular rather than certified mail to save cost. Property owners will be allowed 15 days to comply, a change from the 30 days allowed previously. After that time, the town will cut the weeds and bill property owners.

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