Candidate name: Alexis Smith

Contact email:

Municipality candidate is running in: Larimer County

List the office candidate is running for: Assessor

List candidate‘s campaign website:

List additional information: I am currently the Chief Deputy Assessor for Larimer County and I am a certified General Appraiser licensed by the state of Colorado.

I am running to be your Larimer County Assessor because I realize that this office plays a vital role in this community. The Assessor’s role is administrative but also impacts every person that lives, or even visits, Larimer County. I have the experience and knowledge that comes from working in the office for 17 years. I am proud of the work our office does, much of which is invisible to most voters. Having an Assessor that understands the complexities of Colorado property tax laws is essential to assure the success of this county.

Statutory mandates must always be first priority. Deadlines and guidelines are set at the state level. Because 2019 is a reappraisal year, new values on over 150,000 accounts must be determined, analyzed, and mailed to all property owners on or before May 1st. My focus would also be on continuous improvement both in how effectively and efficiently this office meets all mandated duties, and the ease of which property owners can access and review property records.

I believe it is important to encourage all property owners to review the property valuations themselves. In many Colorado counties protests are filed by mostly real estate professionals, tax agents, or large corporations. The typical homeowner in those counties sees it as an intimidating process that is intentionally presented as adversarial. However, in Larimer County we have been on the leading edge of providing online sales information and making our protest processes as fast and easy as possible.


SUBJECT:  Letter of support for

           Alexis Smith

            Candidate, Larimer County Assessor

FROM:   Daryle Klassen

County Commissioner (1985-93)

To whom it may concern:

There is a goal objective within the Larimer County Assessor’s office that is their stated and behaving creed:  It should concern us all.  Simply stated, “we strive to obtain FAIR AND EQUITABLE property values for all.”  This is no simple task, wound within complex state mandated laws, and in Larimer County, overseeing some 150,000 parcels of property with a staff of but 43 dedicated and intelligent persons.

The easily most qualified candidate for the county Assessor office, is Alexis Smith.  This job has no room for any “johnny come lately” from the East. Savvy and experience are strongly required.  Some history on Alexis Smith.  She is a veteran of the Assessor’s office of 17 years, more importantly trained under the careful  eyes of Steve Miller, the most professional and skilled assessor in the State of Colorado.

Repeat:  Over 150,000 property parcels in Larimer County, seeking fair and equitable values.  Never perfect, but as close as we can become, mandated by use of the Mass appraisal system.  Alexis Smith has been smack dab in the middle of this success, right here in Larimer County.

It is in all of our best interests to keep this experience overseeing the complexities of FAIR AND EQUITABLE values in our County.  There is but one qualified candidate in this contest.  Her Name is Alexis Smith.

                     Daryle Klassen

                      Commissioner (1985-93)

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