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Annual Holiday Home Tour Benefiting Voices Carry Child Advocacy CenterReturns in Windsor’s Highland Meadows November 22, and November 23.


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Wellington Community Activities Commission  3735 Cleveland Ave.; PO Box 127  Wellington, CO 80549 970-568-3381 ext 49  FORMS FOR CHRISTMAS PARADE NEED TO BE BACK TO TOWN HALL BY December 5, 2019, 12:00  On behalf of […]

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Op ED: Prop CC

By Joyce McConnell, Tony Frank, and Mark Kennedy Colorado is rightfully proud of its strong economy and national reputation as a hub for critical economic sectors such as biosciences, aerospace, energy, agriculture and health care. [...]

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  • By Lucas Casarez Certified Financial Planner® 970-222-6783 If your cash flow month to month feels like you are walking on a tightrope, I imagine the months leading up to December can feel like there are lions and [...]
  • No Picture

    Biodefense: “Too great a thing to leave undone”

    By R. Gary Raham In this country many of us tend to take the safety of our food supplies for granted. Scientists, policymakers, and other community leaders will be coming together Tuesday, November 5 at [...]
  • Half Earth: enough for one species?

    Bio Bites By R. Gary Raham               In 2016, E.O. Wilson, an entomologist/conservationist awarded for both his science (U.S. National Medal of Science and many more) and his writing (Pulitzer Prize in 1979), wrote [...]
  • Ace This Holiday Season!

    by Lucas Casarez Tweak your behavior to prevent going into debt this holiday season. Set Limits: Don’t allow the holiday spirit to bury you in a mountain of debt. Set limits and prioritize quality over quantity. Save [...]
  • Colorado Journalism Needs Public Support

    By John Temple and Greg Moore There was a time, not so long ago, when the two of us were foes in a “newspaper war.” We thought that the winner would be in a position [...]
  • Free Money

    Getting Rid of Your Private Mortgage Insurance By: Kareen Kinzli Larsen, Realtor RE/MAX Alliance You know that feeling of finding a $20 bill in the back pocket of jeans you haven’t worn in months?  Well, [...]
  • Revisiting the “Dinosaur Wars,” and scientists behaving badly

    Bio Bites By R. Gary Raham             My wife and I spent a pleasant October weekend recently “leaf peeking” in southern Colorado and visiting a historic site near Canõn City: the dinosaur quarries of the [...]


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