American Red Cross of Colorado & Wyoming Provide Support to Local and National Disasters

American Red Cross volunteers support frontline workers by delivering lunches made by the Salvation Army to workers running a COVID-19 testing site in Douglas County. Photo courtesy of American Red Cross.

American Red Cross of Colorado and Wyoming disaster responders were deployed Tuesday, July 28 virtually and in-person to provide support and recovery assistance to people affected by disasters such as floods, tropical storms to hurricanes.

The Red Cross has developed new policies that align with safety recommendations from the CDC as well as created a series of virtual training and materials for disaster responders. The training ensures that disaster responders are aware of the new policies and are prepared to respond to disasters correctly and effectively.

Furthermore, the Red Cross is providing support to anyone in need following a disaster including mental health support and financial assistance despite the lack of physical presence.

The breakdown for the national deployment of CO and WY disaster responders in July is as follow:

  • Michigan Floods: 1 disaster responder deployed to Michigan
  • Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hanna: 23 disaster responders deployed to Texas
  • Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaias: 4 disaster responders deployed to Virginia

The majority of national emergencies Red Cross responds to are local and personal disasters such as home fires. In July, the American Red Cross of Colorado and Wyoming provided support and care to a total of 233 people. Red Cross Disaster Actions Teams are made up of volunteers ready to respond to these local emergencies all day, every day.

For more information and photos regarding the American Red Cross of Colorado and Wyoming, visit:

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