How To Sell My House Fast For Cash In Colorado

With houses sitting on the MLS for longer in Colorado, it’s no wonder homeowners are looking for other options to get their homes sold. Days on the market for houses in Denver have increased to 36 days, according to research by Norada Real Estate Investments

If you need to sell your house fast in Denver, listing it for 36 days or more probably doesn’t sound appealing. Especially if you are behind on payments or the house is in probate and bills are stacking up. 

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Enter cash home buyers, AKA real estate, AKA We Buy Houses companies.

What Are Cash Home Buyers?

Cash home buyers are people or companies buying houses for cash. They do not need to go to a bank to get a mortgage. Because the home buyer does not need a loan or mortgage, it offers many benefits, including the following: 

  1. The seller dictates the closing date.
  2. No hidden fees.
  3. Sell as-is
  4. Cash sales are the fastest way to close a real estate transaction.

Legitimate companies that buy houses for cash will make it very quick and easy to sell your house. Now you know what cash home buyers are. Let’s think about how you would go about finding one. 

How To Find A Company That Can Buy My House Fast For Cash.

Finding a home-buying company is no different than searching for any service provider. 

Step 1: Get online and do some research. 

The first step to finding a home buyer is to poke around online, looking for companies that buy houses for cash in your area. For example, if you are in Aurora, maybe you would like to search for the following: 

  1. We buy houses in Aurora
  2. Sell my house fast Aurora OR
  3. Cash home buyer Aurora CO.

Searching for these terms will uncover several home-buying companies. The next step is to find the best for you and the house you need to sell. 

How To Find the Best Home Buyer Near Me.

The next step is determining which “sell my house fast” company will work best for you. To do this, you need to do a little digging. The digging includes

  • Reading online reviews
      1. Reviews for we buy houses companies can be found on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and even Linkedin. 
  • Take a look at their website. 
      1. Is the website legitimate?
      2. Are there lots of pages or just one?
      3. Are there spelling mistakes on the website?
      4. Is there a business address and phone number?
      5. An actual website can tell you much about the Colorado cash buyers you are considering.
  •  Create a short list of potential companies you might sell your home to.
      1. The shortlist of buyers is the companies that you like their reviews, websites, and general message. 
      2. These are the companies you will call and “interview”
  • Create a list of questions that you want to ask.
    1. Ask questions that relate to your situation e.g., 
    2. If you are behind on payments, you might ask
      1. How fast can you close?
      2. Can I pick the closing date?
      3. Do you buy houses in my area?
      4. Will you arrange the payoff for my mortgage?
    3. If the house is inherited or in probate, ask the following:
      1. Do you have experience working with real estate attorneys?
      2. Do you understand Colorado probate rules and timelines?
      3. Do I have to repair the inherited house, or can I sell it as-is?
      4. NB: As you can see, depending on your reason for selling and how fast you need to sell will influence the questions you will ask. 
  • Call your shortlist. 

That is how you find the best cash home buyer for you. 

Of course, there are many in-depth reviews of companies that will buy houses for cash in Colorado that has been done for you, for example, search online for reviews on Colorado Cash Buyers or the best Colorado company that pays cash for houses. You will find a wealth of information. 

How To Get A Cash Offer To Sell My House Fast

Getting a fast cash offer is relatively easy if you have followed the steps above. Any reputable “We Buy Houses Company” will have an online form you can fill out to get your cash offer. 

For example, if you need to sell your house fast in Aurora, CO, you will undoubtedly come across We Buy Houses In Denver. This local company will buy your house for cash, and they have a form specific to selling your house for cash in Aurora, Colorado, that can be found at

How It Works: 

Fill out an online form. The company will call you back. Talk about the house you need to sell. Request a cash offer. If you like the amount, you can sign the cash offer. At this point, it is a matter of sitting back and letting the home buyer do the rest. 

Selling your house for cash is incredibly fast and easy. That is why many people in Denver and Colorado are considering it. Especially as the housing market changes and the time it takes to sell a house on the MLS skyrockets!

Can I Sell My House Fast In A Slow Market Like Aurora or Denver, Colorado?

You can sell your house fast in a slow market like Denver, Colorado. But to sell your house fast you will have to adjust to today’s housing market. 

Most sellers want to sell their house as fast as possible. Until recently, we saw homes sell as fast as a few days on the MLS. How times have changed. Inflation, mortgage rates, and other economic factors have seen a fast cooling of the housing market in Denver, all across the Front Range and Colorado.  

How To Sell My House Fast?

SELL MY HOUSE FAST: If I need to sell my house fast in a slower market, I figure I will have to drop the price. Plus, I will need to ensure my house is in tip-top condition, right?

You are right on one count and wrong for a fast house sale in a slower market. Let’s talk about listing your house for the right price to sell fast and what to repair. 

Reduce List Price

As discussed, houses are not selling as quickly in Denver or Aurora, CO, because of mortgage rates. Higher rates make for higher premiums. Therefore to afford the same house, the buyer must pay less. For this reason, if you need to sell your house fast, you must consider dropping the price.

Setting the right list price to sell your house quickly requires running comps. Running comps is where you look at what other houses have sold for recently. You can see how fast they sold also. Look for houses in the same condition and the same neighborhood of Denver or Aurora. 

You must consider market conditions also because right now house prices are dropping. Because of this you may need to list your house for less than the comps suggest to get it sold fast. Setting the list price is both science and art. You must also consider the time of year. 

Best Time Of Year To Sell My House Fast In Colorado.

The best time of year to sell your house fast in Colorado is when the buyer’s pool is the largest. Typically the fastest time of year to sell your house fast is late spring and summer. Spring and summer are the fastest times to sell your house because of the following reasons:

  1. The weather is better – no snow to deal with.
  2. School is out so families can move more easily.
  3. Buyers are in a better mood because of the sun according to research. 

Historical data proves that if you need to sell your house fast, you should sell in the summer. But what happens if you are behind on payments and can’t wait that long? What if you are facing foreclosure and the bank is about to sell your house at auction?

Expert Real Estate Investor Insight

I had the pleasure of catching up with a seasoned real estate investor who buys houses for cash in San Diego, California. Alex Capozzolo had this warning about trying to sell your house fast simply by reducing the price and then listing the property on the MLS. 

“If you pierce your house too low to sell fast, you may inadvertently be advertising that the house you need to sell is not in good condition. Many home buyers will see the reduced price as an indication that the property you’re selling is inferior. This is particularly true of real estate in San Diego, California, where if you need to sell a house fast, you must carefully balance price and presentation, which you can learn more about at” which is a complete guide on how to sell your house fast in San Diego, but the lessons can be applied to any housing market across the county. 

Stop Foreclosure In Colorado.

You can’t rely on the seasons if you need to sell your house in a hurry to stop foreclosure. Once again, you need to rely on setting a price that will sell your house fast. Secondly, if you need to stop foreclosure, I highly recommend considering selling fast to a cash home buyer.

Remember that reputable cash home buyers have cash in the bank, ready to buy your house anytime. Another factor to consider is if the home-buying company is local. Typically local companies have expert representatives on the ground.  The home buying specialists can give you a fast cash offer at a moment’s notice. Plus can be at your house the same day, no matter where you are in Denver or across the Front Range of Colorado.

Sell My House Fast That Is In Probate

If you are involved with a house in probate in Colorado, it can be stressful. Probate properties can be stressful because they can quickly become a financial burden. Now you have to take care of insurance, repairs, and utilities. You can’t ignore any of these otherwise the house could be destroyed. 

For example, Denver can get very cold. If you turn off the heat, the pipes might freeze and break. A broken pipe can cause major damage. Couple this with if you decided not to pay insurance because of the cash it costs. 

You can sell your house in probate, the cash from the sale will go to the estate, and then that cash can be used to pay all of the bills. Any remaining cash would be given to the beneficiaries once the courts deem the probate has been properly completed. For more information on selling your probate property in Colorado, you can check out this comprehensive guide

What Should I Repair To Sell My House Fast in Colorado?

If you need to sell your house fast because you are behind on payments, I suggest you forego any repairs and focus 100% on selling your house fast. If you dont focus on selling your home before the auction, you could lose all of your equity. 

If you have a little more time, you might consider fixing minor things that don’t cost a lot of cash. Do not fall into the trap of taking on major renovations. 99% of the time, you will not recoup your cash. 


The housing market in Denver, Aurora, and the greater Colorado region is changing rapidly. House prices are going down for the first time in a long time. If you need to sell your house fast, you must take this into consideration.

One solution more homeowners in Denver, Aurora, and Colorado are considering is selling their houses fast for cash. Cash home buyers can buy your house fast. Colorado cash buyers can take all of the guesswork out of selling your house. You can get a fast cash offer, you get to choose the closing date, you dont have to fix anything, the cash is paid directly to you, and if this sounds appealing and you must sell your house fast, you can get a FREE cash offer to sell your house fast in Denver at, a Denver based cash home buyer with fantastic reviews.