Goodbye, Record Labels

  Denver music bigshots the Flobots recently decided to part ways with the label that made them big (Universal Republic Records), most likely because sales of their second album, Survival Story, didn’t compare to those […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Local Artist Uses Medium to Raise Money for Haiti

By Maggie Canty-Shafer Artist Abby Sponaugle can find hope in a trashcan. After rebuilding an orphanage destroyed by the hurricane in Haiti, the 23-year-old artist painted 32 of the resident children’s portraits on old window […]


Broken Tongues – EP

By Devin Morse This six-piece hip-hop fusion group from Denver is as much about instrumentals as it is about vocal talent. In this three-song EP, Broken Tongues approaches hip-hop from several distinct angles, each song […]


Hot Gazpacho – Viscosity

By Conor Hooley “Viscosity” refers to a fluid’s resistive properties or, more simply, the thickness of a given liquid – water has a low viscosity, whereas molasses has a much higher one. Hot Gazpacho’s new […]


The Varmints – Night Bloom

By Marlee Keeven The Varmints are one of those bands that make classification difficult. This Windsor-based band’s newest release, Night Bloom, is rock first and foremost, but also encompasses elements of metal, grunge, psychedelic and […]


In the Whale – Satan Be Gone! EP

By Dusty Ray In the Whale dives to impressive depths with their brand new EP, Satan Be Gone! The ominous and foreboding mood of the songs lends the EP an eerie, nautical quality. It evokes the […]


Darren Mahuron: The Mind Behind the Art

By Emily Clingman-Johnson Boldly turning regular folks into rock stars and movie stars and sometimes even hanging them from stars, Darren Mahuron has photographically transformed dozens of local bands, icons, rebels, families, well-knowns and unknowns […]