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Gaia Grows: Sustainable Seedling Trees

Kathleen Miller Few conservation efforts provide the extensive and enduring benefits of planting seedling trees. Seedling tress help: reforest burned areas, enhance wildlife habitat, reduce soil erosion, protect water supplies and serve as living fences […]

A coalition of agricultural groups announced their support today for Proposition DD, which asks voters this fall to tax casinos’ sports-betting profits to help conserve and protect the state’s water supplies

OP ED Glade Reservoir: Shouldn’t We Consider Every Possible Alternative Before Flooding 1600 Acres of a Relatively Pristine Valley?

By Jan Rothe I am opposed to the building of Glade Reservoir (an off-channel reservoir which will be located about 1/2 mile north of Ted’s Place) for many reasons.  Here are just a couple. First, […]