All New Things Old

by Phil Goldstein | North Forty News My musical tastes are stuck in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. As far as I’m concerned, the state of popular music went all downhill after Led Zeppelin […]


Today’s Advice for Home Sellers

By:  Kareen Kinzli Larsen, Realtor at RE/MAX Alliance The real estate market is experiencing a much-needed stabilization in pricing.  For the past two years, sellers cashed in on the excitement of multiple offers and tens […]

Gardens & Landscapes

Row Cover

  by Bryan Fischer, Curator and Horticulturist, Gardens on Spring Creek   Floating row cover:  no, it’s not an enchanted bedsheet. A flexible piece of woven or spun plastic, floating row cover, also known by […]


Cutting The Cord

Phil Goldstein | North Forty News As my wife and I are about to ‘cut the cord’ because of the dearth of worthwhile fare on television and the exponentially increasing cost of not watching that […]