Useful Golf Club Buying Tips From the Pros

Are you a golfer? Or, are you getting started in the game, and you aren’t sure of where to begin? You are in the right place. As seasoned golfers often say, having the right golf club is the secret to scoring high.

Choosing the right club for the game can be confusing because of the many options available in the market. So, how should you go about the buying process?

This article shall continue to share helpful buying tips from professionals. Continue reading!


1. Consult with the Experts

A standard golf set comprises woods, iron, wedges, and a putter. The weight and lengths vary depending on the type. As stated by the experts at, you may not need all types of golf clubs there are. So, it will help if you understand the use of each type to ease your selection.

Whenever you consult with the pros, you will be guided on the right clubs to acquire. Experienced golfers are well placed to guide you on the right path, and that’s dependent on your skill level.


2. Know the Different Types of Clubs

A complete golf set comprises of different types of clubs, which include;

  • Woods

They help in propelling the ball over long distances. Also, they help achieve a solid swing speed. If you are a beginner, you will only need a 5-wood and a 7-wood to play. The stated numbers indicate how high the ball can go into the air and its related impact. The higher the lofted club, the shorter and easier it is to control the swing. Always go for the woods with a more oversized head.

  • Irons

They are used when propelling the ball, and they work perfectly for holes about 200 yards from the green. Similar to woods, irons do come in various loft sizes. As a beginner, you can work with a seven up to 9-iron since they are shorter. If possible, go for graphite shaft irons; they are lighter and will help with better speed.

  • Wedge

They help with short-distance, especially the ones near the green. Most beginners do well when they use sand or pitching wedges.

  • Putter

A putter helps when rolling the golf ball towards the hole.


3. Make the Internet your Friend

They say that the internet is the mother of everything. You can find almost every bit of information through a simple search. Therefore, when shopping for golf clubs, your first stop should be online stores.

Some research is necessary before you can even start your shopping. With a simple search, you can find vast information on the different types of clubs in the market and their price ranges. With the information, it becomes easier to narrow down your search to a seller with prices within your price range.


4. You don’t need a new Golf Club

If you are just getting started in the game, you don’t necessarily need to invest in new golf clubs. Remember, golfing equipment is known to be expensive. This, therefore, means that you may have to spend a considerable sum of cash to own a set.

For starters, it will help if you consider second-hand clubs over the new ones. There are many pros out there who are always disposing of old golf clubs. You may be lucky and acquire an almost new piece in the process at a fair cost.

5. Test Before Buying

Like it’s when buying a car, you should consider testing your golf club before making a purchase. Trying your golf club before buying gives you an idea of how effective they are. Most dealers will let you try different clubs before giving out your money. The trials help eliminate the chances of acquiring a golf club only to realize that it wasn’t what you needed in the first place.

6. Half a Set may be more than Enough

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels


Should I buy a complete set? This is one crucial question that many new golfers are always asking. Well, the decision here is dependent on many factors, among them your financial will. If you are looking to save some cash, then a half set is the way to go.

As a beginner, buying a half set is more than enough. Compared to a complete set, a half set usually doesn’t have a driver and three irons. You may not necessarily need these tools as a newbie. Remember, at this stage, your focus should be more on learning how to play appropriately. So, getting a complete set will be a waste of money.

The first step to becoming a golfer is acquiring golfing equipment. For beginners, buying golf clubs can be confusing owing to the different types of c clubs available. This blog mentions tips on how to buy your clubs. By following the guide, your buying process will be smooth. Enjoy golfing!

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