Hummingbird moth

Often mistaken for a hummingbird, the white-lined sphinx moth is often seen enjoying nectar from the same flowers as hummers, such as these nasturtiums. These moths are active both day and night, and you may […]


Abandoned iron

One never knows where they might find old, abandoned cars, trucks and machinery. Sometimes far back on old logging roads in the foothills or retired farm access roads in the plains that are now accessible […]


Hummingbirds headed south

Hummingbirds are already heading south for the winter. Feeder visits by broad-tailed hummers are dwindling, with males being the first to leave. Rufous and calliope hummingbirds have already gone.


I brake for butterflies

If you have milkweed plants in your garden or yard, you may have seen monarch butterfly caterpillars munching away over the summer. Northern Colorado is not part of a major migration route, but you may […]


Birds behind schedule

The May snowstorm caused a lot of bird nest failures. Many birds were on their nests, incubating eggs. Others were busy feeding hatchlings. Three or more feet of snow fell, and the parents couldn’t keep […]


Gearhead Diary: The Chicken

I’m a procrastinator. Big time. But last summer, I thought I’d maybe change my wicked ways and get down to some vehicle maintenance before the cold set in. I knew our 25-year-old car was due […]