CSU Professors and Students Highlight Important Research Funded by the EPA

(Fort Collins, CO) — This morning, December 6th, in front of the Louis R. Weber building on Colorado State University’s campus, Colorado State University professors Dr. Emily Fischer and Dr. Jeffrey Pierce spoke on the EPA-funded atmospheric science research they are currently conducting.  The event was opened and closed by Colorado State University student and Defend Our Future Intern Elisa Barrett.
The event, hosted by Defend Our Future, highlighted the importance of local action to protect our environment and criticized the proposed budget cuts for the federal EPA.
Professor Emily Fischer talked about her research into dust and forest fires and how the effect of climate change on those factors is important to the Fort Collins community. Fischer explained, “The EPA supports [my] work… I have two small children that live in the state of Colorado and I am concerned about what air they’ll be breathing as they grow up.”
Professor Jeffrey Pierce discussed his research regarding the effects of residentially burning solid fuels on both health and climate, sparked by the fact that “…the World Health Organization estimates that each year around the world, three to four million people die younger than they would have if they were not exposed to [residential solid-fuel] smoke.”
He went on to explain that, “…along with the health effects, there are also climate effects. This smoke will eventually leave the home either by chimney or by leaving the house through vents or cracks…If the smoke happens to be quite dark, if you image the smoke that comes out of, say, a diesel truck, this generally has a warming effect on climate…”
Defend Our Future intern Elisa Barrett closed the event by encouraging her fellow students to get involved in climate issues and reminding everyone to call their senators regarding proposed EPA budget cuts.
For more information on Defend Our Future, visit defendourfuture.org or contact the above Organizers.