List Of Rare Allergies That Are More Common Than You Might Think

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As our faces and fingerprints differ, so do our allergies. You will find that what favors a person is a gory sight and a total source of discomfort to another. Allergies usually occur when the body tries to fight some foreign objects or substances known as an allergen. This attack or body refusal system is called allergy. That said, there are so many kinds of allergies people suffer from. Let’s look at some of them briefly:

Allergy To Electrical Objects

Could you have imagined that there are folks among us who are allergic to electric goods? A large number of people suffer from electrosensitivity. They appear to react to electrical fields that are often produced from such goods as mobile phones, power lines, microwaves, and cooling systems. People who are allergic to air conditioning may well go for aircon allergen management in the same way people allergic to dim lighting would purchase high wattage bulbs. You sure must find a way to fight an allergy or cope with it. 

Common symptoms of an electric allergy include fatigue, headache, watery eyes, and digestive issues. To cope with electric allergy, scientists have developed many other means and strategies that an allergic can use. The commonest is wearing gloves before coming in contact with substances or surfaces that emit electrical rays.

Shoe Leather Allergy

Have you ever worn a shoe and you can’t just explain why your feet start itching? I’ll tell you today. If you ever experience a poison ivy type of rash on your feet after wearing leather shoes, it could be a sign that you are allergic to the chemicals used in the leather tanning process of the shoes. This type is usually called contact dermatitis and it’s a form of eczema that results from contact with various skin irritants. This can only be minimized by wearing shoes or socks made of some other materials instead of leather.

Exercise Allergy

Regular exercise, as experts around the world say, is good for the body. However, there are some people who have good reasons not to engage in any form of exercise. They experience exercise-induced anaphylaxis and urticaria which is a very rare and extremely allergic reaction caused by exercising the body. Symptoms include the breakout of hives, anaphylaxis, and even gastrointestinal issues. In the worst-case scenario, anaphylactic shock could be life-threatening. With symptoms such as lightheadedness, collapse, or narrow airways. It’s not surprising that people with this kind of allergy are usually advised never to exercise alone. And if they have issues while exercising, they are always injected with adrenaline instantly. The adrenaline injection has tremendous effects in calming the nerves.

Human Touch

As shocking as this sounds, there are people who suffer allergies as a result of being touched by another human. This allergy is called dermographism (also known as skin writing). This means that there are persons who can write invisible letters on their skin as they touch themselves. This touch stimulates an allergic reaction. It’s a form of Urticaria and it’s often a lifelong allergy though there are ways of minimizing it. Antihistamines can provide some form of relief.


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Money Allergy

How can one cope without handling cash? Is it possible not to have any contact with cash at all? There are people walking on the road or in your office or in your neighborhood who are very allergic to cash.  From just handling cash, these people suffer allergic reactions. The symptoms of this kind of allergy are usually rashes on the hands after handling loose change or coins. It’s a sign that one is allergic to nickel sulfate. As a result, people who suffer from this kind of allergy are usually advised to avoid making contact with pieces of jewelry, lighters, hairpins, or metal parts of clothing including some door handles. Nevertheless, gloves are usually recommended to combat this allergy.

Sunlight Allergy

Allergies caused by the sun are called solar urticaria. The outbreak of hives when exposed to the sun is one of its symptoms. The body releases histamine and this causes some level of reactions. Thus, it’s important that sufferers don’t expose large areas of their bodies to sunlight as this comes with unpleasant effects such as nausea or lightheadedness. When next you see someone all dressed up covering most parts of their skin, don’t be quick to wonder. They might just be helping themselves not get an allergic reaction.

The use of antihistamines and sunscreens can go a long way in reducing the effects. Even though there is no permanent cure for this now, in some rare cases, it disappears on its own.


Regardless of what type of allergy you suffer, whether it’s a rare one or a common one, it is important to always seek medical attention and treatment to manage the situation. As allergies can go from mild to life-threatening, at all times, ensure that the source of your allergies is investigated and diagnosed.


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