Ways to Dispose of Used Cooking Oil 

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Cooking oil is essential in the kitchen as it assists us in cooking the foods that we eat. It could be in your house or a restaurant. Cooking oil is sometimes used and remains in our cooking pots or pans even after cooking. This could be oil used to fry some French fries, fish, or chicken. 

5 Ways to Dispose of Used Cooking Oil 

It is hard to reuse cooking oil, especially if one already finds it dirty. If the used cooking oil is overused, it might make the food toxic. Since the used cooking oil cannot be used many times, it has then to be disposed of. This article will highlight five ways in which to dispose of used cooking oil. 

Store and Dispose 

The best way to dispose of cooking oil would be to store it in containers that are identifiable or well labeled as used cooking oil. The reason for labeling is because it is not acceptable to mix new cooking oil with used cooking oil. 

Containers used to store cooking oil would be preferably ones purchased with the oil when it was new. After keeping the used cooking oil, the next step would be to dispose of it.  

Contact Local Restaurants 

One way to get rid of used cooking oil would be by contacting local restaurants. This would not give them the used cooking oil for them to use but to advise or give ways to dispose of it. 

Contacting local restaurants is the wisest way to dispose of used cooking oil as they know how to do it in the right way. This is the right channel to use especially if you have large amounts of used cooking oil to get rid of. 

Do Not Drain Down the Sink, Drain, or Toilet

Draining used cooking oil, especially in liquid form, would be the easiest and first thing that pops up in one’s mind. This is because one finds the used cooking oil useless and no longer necessary to have; hence flushing it down your toilet or pouring it down the drain or sink.

This might be an easy method of getting rid of the used cooking oil; however not acceptable and would never be advised. This is because the used cooking oil might clog the drain, sink, or toilet hence necessitates you to call a plumber. 

Store in Glass Jars

Most kitchens have glass jars that are lying empty and stored in kitchen cabinets. Keeping used cooking oil in the glass jars would be the right way for used oil collection and, more so, making use of the glass jars. This is primarily to let the used cooking oil cool down if it just from being used. 

Storing the used cooking oil in the glass jars comes in handy if you plan to re-use the cooking oil.

Reuse Oil

Used cooking oil can be used three to four times at most. So, if you just used your cooking oil once after purchasing it for frying, for instance, some French fries, you could reuse that used cooking oil another time to fry your chicken or fish. The re-use of used cooking oil again lies in how comfortable the user is. 

Sometimes some people get annoyed by some smells that are left in the used cooking oil. For example, if the used cooking oil was used for frying fish, that would most likely leave a foul smell. Hence the decision to reuse the used cooking oil solely depends on the user. 


This article discussed five ways of disposing of used cooking oil. The five ways are storing and disposing of, contacting local restaurants, not draining the used cooking oil down the sink, drain, or toilet, storing in glass jars, and reusing the oil.

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