10 Best Countries for an American Man to Find a Wife

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American men are increasingly discouraged from seeking ladies in their own country. Nowadays, many people set high expectations for their partners, which is why so many relationships go up in flames. The lack of conservative values is another major problem that Americans face, as many women are unwilling to dedicate themselves to being stay-at-home moms.

The good news is that you have options. Specifically, you can always find a wife online through specialized websites such as this: https://bridesuniverse.com. It would be even better to visit one of these countries and meet mail-order brides through direct communication.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the best countries where an American guy can get a wife.

1.   Ukraine

Nowadays, it’s hard to visit Ukraine because of the ongoing war, but hopefully, as soon as things settle down, you’ll have an opportunity to check out its beautiful cities. Kyiv, in particular, is an ancient settlement full of magnificent buildings.

Ukrainian ladies are among the best-looking women in the whole wide world, without any exaggeration. They are a real treat for anyone who loves blondes, as well as females who take care of themselves. On top of that, these vixens are quite resilient, having to survive poverty and wars.

2.   Russia

Russian ladies are genetically similar to Ukrainians. They are slender and blonde, with bright blue eyes, and have medium height for European standards. While many guys perceive them as cold and disciplined, modern Russians can be aloof and are much warmer than you might expect.

Due to the fact that most Russian ladies are fit and good-looking, they aren’t as appreciated in their home country. Men tend to take them for granted, which is why they often immigrate to the US. Americans show them much respect and also have more money, on average, which makes this arrangement fantastic for both sides.

3.   Philippines

The Philippines has more men than women, although by a small margin. The local ladies are generally proficient in English and open to the idea of marrying a foreign husband. In fact, white Westerners, especially those with light complexions and blue eyes, are held in high regard in this Pacific country.

Many guys who visit the Philippines have romantic encounters with the locals during their stay. However, if you’re looking for a bride, you should venture beyond Manila and tourist places to small rural areas. Here, you can find lots of potential wives who would be more than happy to take you as a husband.

4.   Colombia

Many Americans are reluctant to visit South American countries like Colombia due to the fear of rampant criminal activity. However, with some preparation, you can have so much fun in the country’s metropolitan areas and even in one of the local beauties. The locals are very optimistic, despite their poor living conditions, so your visit should be a real blast.

As for Colombians, they’re everything you’d want from a woman and much more. These ladies are renowned for their temperament and being real temptresses in bed. They are the life of every party, and you’ll definitely have to learn a few salsa moves if you wish to date one of them.

5.   Brazil

The best thing about visiting Brazil and dating local ladies is the diversity. You’ll quickly learn that the locals can vary significantly in terms of their skin, hair, and eye color. For example, you might encounter black girls with blue eyes or white redhead women.

Like Colombians, females living in this country are extremely temperamental and dazzling. They make for great mothers and are family-focused, with many of them wanting several kids. It’s also worth mentioning there’s major class segregation in the country, so your dating experience can vary significantly based on who you meet.

6.   Thailand

Perhaps the main reason why Thai women look toward the West for husbands is the demographic discrepancy between sexes that significantly favors men. With limited options locally but lots of Western tourists at their disposal, many ladies chase Americans as potential husbands.   

Like Filipinas, Thais are in love with Western physiques and would probably date guys from Europe and North America even if they didn’t have money. When we also consider the financial side, foreigners quickly become an irresistible opportunity. These ladies are warm, timid, and make for great mothers, which is why you should definitely consider them.

7.   Vietnam

Vietnamese women share many similarities to Filipinas and Thai women. They’re extremely warm and temperamental, although they rarely show it. Vietnamese culture puts elders first and also prioritizes men in favor of women. With its beautiful landscape and cheap prices, it’s an alluring destination for Americans looking to marry.

8.   China

Chinese women have only recently warmed up to the idea of foreign husbands. The local culture is matriarchal, giving women the reigns of family upbringing and finances, which deters many guys from dating these ladies. Despite certain flaws, Chinese women are loyal, are great mothers, and know how to manage family money.

9.   Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most diverse places in the world, featuring just about every religion and ethnicity. With its 17,000 islands, there’s a lot to do during the visit, ensuring that you at least have a good time.

Most ladies are of Muslim religion but don’t necessarily mind dating foreigners. Marrying an American is an enticing proposal as it would provide them with corpulent offspring. On the other hand, your wife-to-be will bring harmony and discipline to your household, ensuring everything is spick and span.

10.   Mexico

Mexico has an incredible cultural heritage, and cities such as Mexico City are a sight to behold. However, most Americans prefer going to Cabo San Lucas and other tourist destinations.

Although Mexicans might not be as temperamental as Colombians, they can still be a handful. Ladies, in particular, are very loyal to their men and kids, making them a great choice for guys looking for mail-order brides.






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