4 Types of Essays and How to Write Them

Essays are one of the things we get introduced to when we set foot in school or college, as it is a marking criterion for instructors to evaluate us. This way, they look to understand our critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and language proficiency.

Thus, teachers often ask us to write concisely on different subject matters to enhance our knowledge and writing capabilities. Therefore, they will introduce us to different types of essays to enhance our skills.

Even though there are various types of essays and different ways of writing them, I will introduce you to a few before you enter college. This will help you to stay ahead of the class.

Let’s get to know them in the next section.

Different Types Of Essays 

As discussed in the previous section, different types of essays are good for testing your thinking abilities and writing skills.

Hence, let us know about them one by one –

Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays are something that is taught to students when they enter school, as it tests their creativity and writing proficiency. Therefore, when you start writing a descriptive essay, you must brainstorm new ideas and thoughts to describe the event you saw or felt.

It is a good way of letting students explain what they saw and how they felt. Articulation of events can hone the writing skills of a student. Therefore, instructors ask young adults to put a pen on the cause and effect of the situation.

Thus, it is a crucial way of enhancing their creative thinking and writing capabilities, i.e., the words they choose to express on those events and how they present them to the reader to read the text.

Besides, you should be well versed with the format of the descriptive essay, where you need to –

  • Begin with an introduction, where you introduce the topic to the audience and give them a hint of what will come in the essay.
  • Then the body, where you explain the events within three paragraphs. Try to add figures of speech to describe. It will enhance the quality of the writing.
  • And lastly, the conclusion, where you summarise the key points and conclude the essay with your viewpoints or suggestions.

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Argumentative Essay 

In the second category comes the argumentative essay. It is the type of writing where students must investigate and generate data to impose an opinion on someone. This is the next step in honing your writing skills.

Here you have to be precise about the information you collect about the subject and stick to the facts while discussing the matter. The teachers ask students to write argumentative essays, as it enhances their research and problem-solving skills.

Students must often thoroughly explain and defend their chosen side in the conclusions.

Here is the format for writing an argumentative essay –

  • In the Introduction, you use a hook to catch readers’ attention and then arrive at the point you will explain in the next sections. While concluding the area, you should add a thesis statement to help readers know the essay’s main idea.
  • In the second part, the body, you explain and support the main points with sufficient facts and figures to support your claim. Further, it would be best to paint the other side of the picture and conclude the section with a rebuttal that will work as your closing argument.
  • In the last section comes the conclusion, where you close the essay by summarizing the main points or giving your opinion on the side you chose for the essay.

Further, look after the formatting section and the citations, as it is crucial when adding facts and figures in writing. This will enhance the quality of your essay and help you fetch an A+ in the semester.

Compare And Contrast Essays 

Following the discussion of argumentative essays, here is what you will also learn in the school – Compare and contrast essays. Students are assigned this type of writing to enhance their knowledge about different subjects.

For example, your teacher can ask you to write about the similarities and differences between Bees and Wasps. Here you will seek to understand both creatures and create a Venn diagram to understand the similarities and differences between the two insects.

Thus, you have to place two subjects side by side and compare them. Therefore, you need to structure your essay –

  • Introduction, where you present the thesis statement and point out the direction of your writing.
  • Then in the body part, you make two subheads, explaining the similarities and differences between the two subjects. Remember to add facts and figures to support your claim.
  • In conclusion, you will summarize the points you mentioned and close the article by informing the reader that further investigation is required for the essay.

Expository Essay 

It is something that is taught to the students when they move up in the ranks in their academic journey. Expository essays are meant to test your knowledge, expertise, and research skills on the subject.

Teachers assign this type of essay to students to allow them to take a stand on a controversial matter and will enable them to dictate the matter. They have to back their assumptions or stand with proper facts and figures.

Consequently, professors and teachers ask students to actively participate in expository essays, as it is a way to make the humanities interesting and gain students’ attention on different matters.

There is so much going on in the world; students can pick a topic of their choice and look to explain what they feel like. This way, teachers create thinkers and great orators. Also, enhance the critical thinking of students.

Hence, it would be best if you wrote your essay, which will have –

  • An introduction with a thesis statement explaining your point
  • The body will talk about the main issues of the article. It would be best if you backed it up with relevant facts, figures, and statistics
  • Lastly, the conclusion will summarize the important topics discussed in the body part
  • And Yes! Remember to add appropriate citations to the essay.

The Bottom Line

Various essays are subjected to enhance your subjective knowledge of the topic and allow you to hone your writing skills besides improving research and critical thinking.

Thus, buckle up to experience the essays mentioned above.

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