College Admission Procedure How to Start Preparing and Get Ready for College

Senior year of high school (or even the end of junior year) is when most students’ minds turn to college applications and preparedness. But making the most of all four years of high school is the surest way to guarantee that you will succeed. In this article, we will give you helpful advice for every year to keep you on pace for college admittance.

First Year Advice

The first year is high time to work on a resume. Yes, everything is right; it’s not too early. It is more remarkable to have been actively engaged in three or four activities or areas of interest throughout high school than dabbling in everything under the sun during your junior and senior years. If you haven’t started keeping track of your significant achievements, honors, and extracurricular activities, you should start doing so. It might be an electronic file or a hard copy stored in a secure location. Such data will help later when it is time for admission essays.

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How to start preparing for college? The number one task is to enroll in some challenging courses. Such a step has considerable potential to impress admission officers in a good way. However, it would help if you didn’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you feel the assignment is too complex, get help with essay writing, ask questions, and learn how to make your essay writing skills better. Using professional services is OK if needed. It gives examples and teaches how to structure and cite papers properly. Nobody expects students to be perfect at everything, especially during freshman year. But your efforts and desire to study something arduous will be appreciated.

Start Choosing Your Path

Students usually start researching universities and potential jobs during their sophomore year. The Internet, college and employment fairs, and campus visits are all viable options. How to prepare for college during your junior year? One should look for internships, work shadowing opportunities, and summer employment. All that better be related to your intended major or career path. Taking the PSAT in eleventh grade is a prerequisite for participating in National Merit programs and receiving scholarships. You would stand out from the crowd of college applicants with it.

The autumn of your senior year is a time for scholarships and submitting applications to the university. Your years of work on your CV, documenting your achievements, and listing your awards will come in handy now. Keeping all things in order will be easier with a special calendar. During your senior year, preparing for college implies filling out the FAFSA. It increases your chances of being awarded financial aid. Talk to your guidance counselor to ensure you’re ready to graduate. 

What Does An Application Consist Of?

Most institutions have developed particular forms to help admissions officers fully understand an applicant’s skills, interests, hobbies, and background. You must fill in your personal data, academic and extracurricular accomplishments, volunteer work, and previous jobs there. Also, there is a place for info about your awards.

Transcripts and test scores

Colleges use transcripts from high school to determine a candidate’s academic standing. A transcript from high school may only be considered legitimate if it has been sent directly to the college or institution in a sealed envelope.

One more thing needed to prepare for college and complete an application is test scores. The ACT, the SAT, and the SAT Subject Tests (if appropriate) are all examples. Future college students also should have two or three letters of recommendation from someone who can attest to their character and academic promise. Typically, adolescents ask their instructors for these.

Admission essay

Universities utilize essays and personal statements to obtain a more genuine feel for the candidate. We talk about aspirations and the experiences that have formed who they are now. Most universities will give you a topic suggestion. For example, talk about a time you overcame difficulty, something impressive you accomplished, or where you see yourself in the future. One should think carefully and pick what matters in the essay. Students should use this opportunity to convince the panel that they belong at the institution.


The last year of high school is not the time to begin preparing for college applications. The procedure needs to begin in the ninth grade. Try challenging courses and do your best to get excellent grades. Start thinking about what you want to study as early as possible. Do all you can to prepare for college early on. Take practice tests, read up on scholarships, and visit campuses. Also, keep track of when things are due and do your best to be there on time. We hope our preparing for college checklist will help you achieve your academic goals.