How Ranch Life Can Be Easier And More Efficient With A Few Pointers

Sometimes ranch life can be a little overwhelming. Many tasks need to be done for our animals that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with, especially when you’re just starting as a rancher. It might seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but as with most things in the modern world, automation can make ranch work much easier on you and your animals. 

The concept of automation is well understood by most people. Automated systems do all the running for us, making our lives that much more accessible in various ways. You may have dreamed about having your entire ranch run by an automated system. But unless you’re already in the pre-automation stage, you will want to keep reading to learn how to move forward on automating parts of your ranch life.


Invest In Programmable Thermostats

Automated thermostats are great for folks who don’t need daily control over their air conditioner or heat pump. Instead, they need a computerized system that turns the power on and off automatically based on preset schedules. They’re also great for folks who live in northern climates with very short days during wintertime to save money by reducing energy bills. Also, they help control heating and cool systems for seasonal animals such as pigs, whose hogs need to be kept at a comfortable temperature all year round. Similarly, they’re also great for livestock that is fed hay and grain during wintertime to keep the stalls at a pleasant temperature for the animals.

Automatic Feeders Save Time

This type of feeder comes in two different flavors: 

  1. Conveyor style.
  2. Gravity flow. 

Conveyor-style feeders are primarily used for cattle since this type of feeder allows them to enter and leave the area quickly without problems. Gravity-flow automatic feeders are best suited for smaller animals such as sheep because they are dependable but straightforward.


Door Openers

These are sometimes referred to as “breeze” or “flap” doors because they are installed outside of barns for ventilation. They allow you to leave the door open during various weather conditions and help keep calves, for instance, cool in summer. In addition, it makes chores like gathering eggs easier since you won’t have to walk into a barn that’s full of flies. You can walk through a door that automatically opens for you and closes behind you as you walk through.

Automatic door openers are also helpful for other aspects of ranch life. For example, if your farm regularly needs to sort livestock, such as sheep waiting to get sheared, you can use a system that monitors when it needs to let more through and when it needs to shut the gate. Such door openers can save you many hassles, especially if your livestock is prone to jamming up and hurting each other. The best option is to get a mobile sorter similar to how the Racewell DR Auto Sorter can be hooked up to a trailer. The added mobility will make life easier and livestock management simpler.


Use an Automatic Watering System

These systems are great if your animals require accessible water at all times but can’t seem to get it themselves consistently. For example, cattle will drink more water if they can get it in a tub or a watering pad. In addition to the above, automatic watering systems offer the following advantages:

  • They’re lightweight and straightforward to set up. Not only that, but they are often less expensive than you think.
  • Due to their design, they require little to no upkeep as they’ll last a long time without replacing parts on an ongoing basis.
  • Because of their size, weight, and portability, you can use them for one animal type at a time. This means that as long as you have the most cows, you can move the system to wherever your next cow is located and set it up quickly.
  • Because they’re small and hardy, you can move them manually if you need to.


The best thing you can do to make your life on the ranch more efficient is to invest in automation. Automation makes ranching more efficient, making your work less burdensome while also enhancing your quality of life and giving you more time for what matters most. In reality, this investment is relatively high, but the increased income provided due to increased efficiency becomes apparent over time. The benefits are also noticeable in a higher quality of living for yourself and your family as less time is spent doing repetitive and straightforward tasks.

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