How To Easily Lose The Lockdown Extra Weight And Get Back In Shape

The pandemic and lockdown have been hard on everyone. While some have reaped maximum benefits from staying at home and learning new skills, others have struggled to cope with stress and mental health issues. Some have even gained extra pounds by running movie marathons and binging on snacks. If you are one of them, it is time to take a leap and lose the extra weight to feel more confident and comfortable in your skin. With consistency and some right strategies, you can steadily lose your love angles and improve your physical well-being. Follow these tips to shed the extra pounds you gained during the lockdown and get back in shape.

1. Design Your Diet

The food you eat throughout the day determines the amount of weight you can lose, which makes it an important part of your weight loss routine. Focus on the macronutrients and create a healthy balance between carbs, protein, and fat. At the same time, make sure that your food provides enough micronutrients like essential minerals and vitamins to provide optimum health. You can also book an appointment with a certified nutritionist to design a diet chart based on your weight loss goals, body type, and needs. Avoid eating high-calorie foods and discard processed snacks. Quitting sugar can also accelerate the process.

2. Focus on Your Portion Sizes

The amount of food you eat should also be monitored and controlled, as it will determine the number of calories you are consuming. Even if your diet is balanced and healthy, you may not see results if you eat more. With portion control, you also have the freedom to incorporate your favorite foods into your diet. The key to weight loss is simple- burn more calories than you consume. With the exercise of portion control, you are eating just the right amount of calories and burning more every day. This, in turn, will show positive weight loss results and improve your digestion over time.

3. Exercise Every Day

Exercising gives the extra boost your body needs to get in shape. Constant physical movements trigger your metabolism and keep it active, which is necessary to burn calories at a faster pace. Any form of exercise should be practiced every day, at least for 30 to 60 minutes. It can be running or playing a sport of your choice. As seen on Spartan Apps, you can also choose between a wide range of exercises that are designed for weight loss based on specific needs and body types. The exercises are a mixture of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), weight lifting, and strength training that will help tone your body while burning extra calories even when you rest.

4. Drink At Least 12 Cups of Water

Hydration is vital to weight loss. You need to keep sipping on water all day long to complete at least 12 cups before you go to bed. Water also helps clear your skin and enhances organ functionality. Keep a water bottle on your bedside and at your work desk to keep sipping on water. If it seems too difficult, install an app that reminds you to drink water and follow it religiously. You can also drink more water in the form of green tea and healthy beverages to increase your intake.

5. Get Proper Sleep

Even if you are eating right and working out every day, you may still not see the pounds melting due to improper sleep. You need proper sleep to keep your mental and physical health intact. This will also keep you energized and enable you to work harder in the gym. A tired and stressed body will fail to show results and put your efforts in vain. Aromatherapy and stress relief can improve your sleep quality and help you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Chamomile tea and calming music are other resources to enhance your sleep cycle.

6. Get Mentally Fit

This may seem counterintuitive, but a major part of your physical health and fitness is determined by your mental well-being. If you are constantly stressed or fail to recognize the signs of mental issues, you may struggle to lose weight, too. Get mindful and focus on your mental health by prioritizing your needs, practicing self-care, and taking frequent breaks. Some practices like meditation and journaling can release stress and make you more self-aware, which can steadily improve your mental wellness. Practice yoga to improve flexibility and achieve better physical and mental health. 

Needless to say, you must control your drinking and smoking habits to see results. Focus on creating a better lifestyle and changing your mindset instead of setting a definite number as your weight loss goal. This will help you take a holistic approach to improve your overall health.

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