Seeds for Marijuana Farming in Canada

Marijuana has long been used for hemp fiber, oil, and some medicinal purposes. Various strains of cannabis have been bred for a wide variety of purposes, like low or high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentration, hashish extraction, hemp fiber production, hemp oil production, etc. Specific strains are there for specific purposes. The seed banks are continuously engaged in breeding new strains to meet the requirements of their clients.

Some Helpful Information for Canadians to Start Marijuana Farming

Many countries, including Canada, have legalized the use of cannabis for recreational and commercial purposes. The marijuana market is expanding thanks to the many lucrative opportunities it presents. You can get the seeds as per your interest in farming at farmerslabseeds com, which sells various Canada weed seeds. If you want to yield your own harvest, choose only trustworthy companies that are engaged in producing various types of seeds as per their clients’ requirements.

Available Seed Types

Cannabis seed banks offer their customers a large variety of products: regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and some other types. Here are brief descriptions of them so that you can choose the best option for your needs.

Regular Seeds

They are the offspring of a male and female plant, so either sex is possible. Regular seeds can’t tell you whether a plant will be male or female until it starts flowering. If your objective is to yield quality buds that offer cannabinoids, you’ll need to separate the males from the females.


Segregation of male plants from female ones prevents pollination and the production of new seeds.

  • The male plants are utilized in some other ways. The soft fiber of the male plants produce hemp which is also a commercial product. The hemp is used in clothings, shoes, soft pillows and some other essential general household products.
  • They also secrete an aromatic oil that has high efficacy for pest control in the garden.

Feminized Seeds

This variation results from a female plant bearing male flowers. The seed banking industry can do this in the lab. Plants grown from any of the seeds will be female.

  • They grow into female plants that produce buds. Cannabinoids are the most sought-after product among marijuana plant components.
  • You can purchase them at almost every seed bank.

Auto-Flower Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds are the right choice for a beginner in marijuana farming. Plants will flower after a certain growth period (usually around ten weeks).

  • In autoflower farming, the chances of germination and flowering are high.
  • You must separate the male and female plants, as well as their products.
  • There are a lot of auto-flowering options on the market, so the selection can be a bit overwhelming.

CBD Seeds

Among all the different types of marijuana seeds, CBD has the same characteristics as feminized, regular, or autoflowering options, but the THC levels are higher than normal.

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is an important compound that causes the “high” and can only be produced from cannabis.
  • On plenty of occasions, THC levels are lowered to the maximum in some strains. Cannabis breeders are doing more research on the strains for a desired THC level.
  • CBD-rich marijuana produces more relaxing and de-stressing effects than other varieties.
  • The medicinal demand for CBD is very high all over the world.

Hemp Seeds

In contrast to CBD, THC levels in hemp seeds are less than 0.2%, so cannabidiol is more common.

  • They are ideal for extracting CBD to create products for therapeutic uses.
  • However, the CBD levels provided by these varieties will never be as high as those provided by CBD seeds.

Fast Version Seeds

Just like the other varieties, these have the same characteristics, but their growth cycle is shorter than usual.

Some Other Growth Types

Indica strains stand for their optimum yield and life cycle. They are more productive than the sativas and require less time to complete their growth. This is perfect for indoor cultivation or small species.


Hybridization shortens sativas’ flowering period and promotes larger yields with dense, harder buds. It can also yield indicas with exotic flavors and aromas.

How Have Marijuana Farms Expanded to Such a Large Scale?

Seed banks are constantly working on strain hybridization to create new varieties and provide their clients with a wide range of options. In actuality, marijuana farming gives you various types of business opportunities by yielding diverse types of products. If you are persistent enough, you can make a good profit from the businesses. You may start with a focused business, like only selling medicinal products, cannabinoids, hemp fiber, aromatic oils, etc. You can later expand the business based on your preferences. However, remember to research the legal part of the subject beforehand.

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