We Buy Houses: Top 10 Colorado Cash Buyers [2023 Update]

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Living in Colorado and planning a move? Need to sell your home fast, preferably for cash? You’ll need the services of a Colorado Cash Buyer for houses, but with all the not-so-great companies out there it can be a challenge to find the right Home Cash Buyer for you.

When you’re looking for a Colorado Cash Buyer, especially on a time crunch, you need someone who gives you a fast offer, a quick closing time, and a fair price.

“Selling a house in a hurry can be stressful. Finding a reputable home buyer can take all the stress out for the transaction. Legit home buyers will purchase your house as-is, cover your closing cost, close on your schedule and not even expect you to clean” stated Alex C, a home buyer in San Diego, CA. “Take the time to find a company that you feel comfortable with and that can buy your house fast and for a fair price.” 

Want to know the Top 10 Colorado Cash Buyers? Keep reading!

Top 10 Colorado Cash Buyers:

If you’re looking for a short list, here’s the Top 10 we’d suggest:

  1. We Buy Houses In Denver (WeBuyHousesinDenver.org)
  2. Watson Buys (WatsonBuys.com)
  3. Cash For Houses (CashforHouses.org)
  4. Front Range House Offers (Frontrangehouseoffers.com)
  5. Houzeo (Houzeo.com)
  6. The Buyout Company
  7. Cash For Houses Colorado
  8. Express Homebuyers
  9. We Buy Ugly Houses
  10. We Buy Houses

Now that you have a list, let’s take  a look at what each of these companies offers you in terms of value, speed, and potential fees, so you can get a better picture of what your best option is.

1. We Buy Houses In Denver.org:

This company is a small, locally-owned business that markets itself as one of the fastest buyers on the markets, and takes homes in any condition. They can be found in Denver at their address of 1337 Delaware St, Denver, CO 80204. Alternatively you can find on their website at: https://webuyhousesindenver.org/

How Long Until Offer Is Made: Same day cash offer

What Kind Of Value Do They Offer: Cash offer based on Denver housing market current conditions. 

How Long to Close: They’ll let the seller set the closing date

Service Fee: None

Other Perks: 

– They’ll buy your home ‘as-is’

– They’ll buy homes in any physical condition

– They have no-obligation offers

– No mortgage or financing to deal with

– They’ll work with you to get it dealt with fast

– Fair Price offer guaranteed.

-Any class of property – single family homes, duplexes, condos, apartments, multifamily properties, land, vacant lots, mobile homes. 

– Excellent reputation

EXPERT INSIGHT: “When selling your house for cash in Colorado, I highly recommend hiring a real estate attorney. The real estate attorney can review the purchase agreement and ensure everything is above board.”

2. Watson Buys:

Watson Buys is a small privately owned company in Denver that offers competitive market pricing and fast closures for those who need to get rid of their house fast. They can be found in Denver, or on their website: WatsonBuys.com

How Long Until Offer Is Made: Same Day Cash Offer

What Kind Of Value Do They Offer: No percentages listed, but they guarantee fair competitive market pricing

How Long to Close: Flexible, Seller designated

Service Fee: None

Other Perks: 

– Buys Houses -As-Is’ in any kind of physical condition

– Buys houses in any situation including:

  • Foreclosure
  • Needs Repairs
  • Divorce
  • Need to Move
  • Used as Rental Property

– Excellent reputation – 5 star rating

– No-obligation offer

– Competitive Market pricing

3. Express Homebuyers:

Express Homebuyers has a national presence and reputation and buys homes over the entire state of Colorado.

You can find them on-site in Denver, Colorado Springs, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs, and New Castle. Or you can find them online at their website: www.expresshomebuyers.com/colorado 

How Long Until Offer Is Made: The offer can be made in anywhere from 7 minutes to 24 hours

What Kind Of Value Do They Offer: Unstated

How Long to Close: In as few as 7 days

Service Fee: Undisclosed online.

Other Perks: 

– Fast cash offer

– They’ll work with you no matter where you live

– They’ll take houses in any physical condition, including destroyed by fire from recent wildfires.

– Will purchase homes in danger of foreclosure

– No need to worry about financing or agents

– No-obligation offer

– Nationally accredited with a good reputation

The most negative comment is that they may be fairly persistent about trying to buy, even if you refuse their offer.

Expert Insight: 

4. We Buy Ugly Houses:

We Buy Ugly Houses – Also known as HomeVestors – is a nationally known house buying company specializing in buying houses in need of some sort of care. They can be found in several offices around Colorado, or online: webuyuglyhouses.com

How Long Until Offer Is Made: The offer is not made until after an evaluation of the house

What Kind Of Value Do They Offer: Typically offer 50% to 70% of Fair Market Value

How Long to Close: Typically between 7 to 21 days

Service Fee: None

Other Perks:


– Fast service

– On-site evaluation allows them to explain and answer all questions

– Serve the entire state of Colorado

– No-obligation evaluation and offer

– They’ll purchase houses in or facing foreclosure

– Purchase houses in any physical condition: ‘As-is’

– Nationally recognized brand with a strong reputation.

The potential downside is that they work on a franchise model of business, with an eye to homes as investments, which means they might not be offering you the best price you could get. They also do not have a reputation for negotiation on their offers. 

5. We Buy Houses:

We Buy Houses is a nationally known company, and it covers all of Colorado. Known for purchasing houses ‘as-is’, they can be found at their local office in any given city, or at their website.

How Long Until Offer Is Made: Offers are made within 24 to 48 hours

What Kind Of Value Do They Offer: Reputed to offer about 50% to 70% of fair market value

How Long to Close: Flexible closing dates, from 7 to 60 days out

Service Fee: None

Other Perks: 

– They’ll buy houses in any sort of physical condition, ‘as-is’

– National reputation

– Large business with offices in several Colorado cities

– pre-vetted business that has license to sell and buy

– No obligation offer

As with We Buy Ugly Houses, the only major downside is that, as an investment and franchise-style company, they buy with an eye to investment, and they tend to be somewhat inflexible on their offers.

6. Cash For Houses:

Cash For Houses is an online buyer that offers a quick result and fast cash, no matter the location, along with competitive offers and bargain pricing for houses in any condition. They can be found primarily on their website: CashforHouses.org. 

Their office is located at 404 E 1st Avenue, Suite 3 Denver, CO 80203

How Long Until Offer Is Made: They guarantee  next-day offers.

What Kind Of Value Do They Offer: No percentage range is listed, but they guarantee fair market pricing

How Long to Close: 7 days or less

Service Fee: None

Other Perks: 

– Fast and easy 3 step process

– Excellent reputation with 5 star reputation

– Transparent process with all questions answered

– They’ll buy houses ‘as-is’ in any physical condition or situation.

– Easy to contact

– Collect multiple offers you can choose from, and pay in cash

There aren’t many downsides, however, some individuals may be put off by the lack of a posted physical office, and there’s no specifications of any area limitations for their services. In fact a huge bonus is Cashforhouses.org will buy your rental house even when a tenant still lives there with a current lease agreement

7. Front Range House Offers:

Front Range House Offers is a small family owned business based out of Denver that offers full transparency and assistance every step of the process. They can be contacted via phone, or on their website: Frontrangehouseoffers.com

How Long Until Offer Is Made: As soon as same-day, if necessary

What Kind Of Value Do They Offer: They offer competitive pricing, though the exact percentage Fair Market Value is unknown

How Long to Close: Flexible, as soon or as late as you need

Service Fee: None

Other Perks: 

– They can visit your house quickly

– They offer cash on the spot, or other arrangements if needed

– You can see on their website how they calculate their offers – full transparency

– They take houses ‘as-is’ in any physical condition

– They offer to help with moving, including care and potential rehoming of pets

– Excellent 5 star reputation on Google, Yelp, and Facebook

– Easy 3 step process

The greatest downside for this business is most likely their limited range of operation, mostly in the Denver area.

8. Houzeo:

Houzeo is an online site that works with other sites and local markets and retailers to bring you plenty of offers with as little hassle or delay as possible.  They can be found at Houzeo.com

How Long Until Offer Is Made: As soon as possible

What Kind Of Value Do They Offer: Houzeo guarantees 100% of market Value offers

How Long to Close: Anywhere from 7 to 60 days

Service Fee: $349 Flat Fee

Other Perks:

– You can get multiple cash offers

– Houzeo has nationwide coverage, so there’s no problem about location

– It’s a fast and easy service to use

– They’ll assist with houses in any condition, and help you sell as-is’

– They’ll connect you to other major nationwide buyers, like HomeVestors (We Buy Ugly Houses), Opendoor, Zillow and Realtor.com

– They’ll also put you in contact with local buyers, if you want to work with someone in the area.

– Helps you get the best possible deal for the least amount of effort.

Houzeo markets itself as the Number One online realtor – otherwise known as an ibuyer – but they may not offer the personal touch some sellers are looking for. They do, however, provide an excellent start to find more localized realtors, as well as nationwide buyers.

Despite being primarily an inline site, you can still get cash for deals made with Houzeo.

9.The Buyout Company:

The Buyout Company is primarily known as a Colorado based company that works around Denver and Boulder Colorado, as well as the surrounding areas. Their main selling points are a fast cash offer, an ‘as-is’ buying policy, and flexible closing dates.

You can find them on-location, or online: thebuyoutcompany.com

How Long Until Offer Is Made: Generally, they’ll try to get back to you in 24 hours or less.

What Kind Of Value Do They Offer: Generally at least 50% to 70% Fair Market Value

How Long To Close: It can be as little as 3 days or as many as 90, depending on your schedule.

Service Fee: None

Other Perks:

– They’ll cover closing costs

– They’ll take houses in any status and condition, including:

  • Foreclosure
  • Tenanted Property
  • Divorce  or Inheritance
  • Has Structural Issues or Other Needed Repairs
  • Has Environmental Issues
  • Short Sale
  • Not financeable

– They have excellent market reviews (4.5 Stars)

– They minimize paperwork and fees (no closing fees, no need for inspections, no need for major clean -up or repairs required)

The biggest downside is that they have a limited range of service, since they’re based in Denver and Boulder Colorado. That means there is a chance they may not work in your area.

10. Cash For Houses Colorado:

Cash for Houses specializes in houses that need to be sold quickly in the Denver Metro area. They’re a small family-owned business based out of Littleton

You can find them on-location, or through their website www.cashforhousescolorado.com

How Long Until Offer Is Made: They’ll try to get back to you within 24 hours

What Kind Of Value Do They Offer: There’s no numerical range stated, but they promise a fair – if below market value – price in cash

How Long to Close: You can close as soon as 7 days from contact, or whenever after that point you choose.

Service Fee: None

Other Perks: 

– They cover closing costs

– They’ll take houses in any status or condition, including:

  • Foreclosure
  • In need of Repairs
  • Occupied
  • Short Sale
  • And more

– No Obligation process means you don’t have to accept the offer.

– No need for agents or financing paperwork

The largest downside is that they primarily manage the Denver Metro, so they might not be able to assist you if you’re outside that area.

As a smaller, family owned business, they don’t have a huge  presence, but they are still well-regarded in the local property marketing circles.

Final Thoughts:

There are a lot of options out there if you want to sell your home fast, and put some much-needed cash in your pocket, even with today’s market.

While many of the buyers listed above are focused on the Denver area, there’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to find local small business buyers for cash, no matter where in Colorado you are. Houzeo or other nationwide online buyers may even be able to help you find them, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Whether you prefer a larger company with a national backing and wide standing reputation, or a small family-owned business with a more personal touch, there’s no reason you can’t find someone to help you.

Starting with these Top Ten, you’ll have no problem finding someone to give you cash for a process that’s:

– Hassle Free

– Good for any housing situation or condition

– Quick Closing

– Has minimal fees or paperwork

– Good pricing, even if your home is a bit run down

You’ve got the information. All that’s left to do is…Sell Your House and Pocket Your Cash!