With A Property Manager, You Won’t Need To Deal With These 6 Rental Problems

Being a landlord is not an easy task; it requires a lot of decision-making and dedication. Landlords face many challenges and problems along the way but the payback can be worth going through all of that. However, they might need someone to help and assist them with these challenges. In these situations, a property manager’s job is to help. There are many problems that can be easily fixed by hiring a property manager. Some of these rental problems will be mentioned below. Also, we will highlight how a property manager will be helpful and help you deal with them. 


Choose the Right Price  

Landlords frequently set the renting price of a property based on their financial status when determining the rental fee. If you use your mortgage to determine the price, you risk underpricing or overpricing your home. Both of these have their cons. If you underprice your property, you will lose money for sure. On the other hand, a house loses its new listing charm, and people begin to question what is wrong with it if it is overpriced. A property manager will set a rental price for your property after carrying out a market study. This market study is done by looking into the range of prices other landlords set for the properties in the area. 

Late Payments 

As a landlord, you might deal with tenants who do not pay on time which can be really irritating and draining. Having to face them can also get quite awkward for you. Collecting the rent money on time is really important especially if you own a limited number of properties, and having your money on time is essential in order to maintain a healthy cash flow. Property management companies have reliable methods to collect rent and keep tenants paying on time. 

Housing Regulations and Property Laws

You need to make sure that you are in agreement with the house regulations and property laws. There are plenty of rules that you are required to follow when renting out and maintaining your rental property, they are mostly according to where you are located. There are local, federal, and state regulations. You need to understand these regulations depending on where your property is located and it is preferred that you hire a property manager to spare yourself the hassle. If you are located in Arizona or the surrounding areas you will easily find a proper property management company as these days real estate and property management in Arizona are really hot topics. A property manager will help you avoid any lawsuits by making sure your property is up to date with these regulations. 

Choosing Wrong Tenants 

You will deal with good and bad people throughout everything in your life including renting your property. Unfortunately, you might rent it to a tenant that is not that great, makes it difficult to communicate, late to pay, or even has criminal records. Nevertheless, professional property managers are good at locating suitable tenants and will take care of all the small details. These include all the basics, such as obtaining their criminal background (if any), safety screening, credit history, and gathering information from their previous landlords. 

Managing Your Time 

You most likely already have a list of responsibilities you need to take care of such as your family, your full-time job, and a lot of other daily tasks you have to deal with. You might not have that much time to deal with tenants and even if you do have time, you would rather spend it being more constructive regarding your other responsibilities. Also, sometimes you might not be able to answer your tenant’s calls in case you are busy or if they called at an inappropriate time for you. However, there must be someone there to respond to their calls and help them solve all the problems they might face with your property. This is what property managers do; they handle all these interactions with the tenants. 

The Disturbance You Will Face 

As mentioned before, being a landlord is in fact very hard. You will be put in situations where you need to manage your property, its maintenance, follow all the laws, find tenants, deal with them, manage your time, and handle rental payments. It can be overwhelming for you but you can easily avoid doing all of that and choose your peace of mind by hiring a good property manager that will take care of all of these things. 



As a real estate investor, it’s imperative to consider whether you are going to be able to handle your properties and rent them out on your own or if you will need a property manager’s help. Some people are able to successfully take care of their own property, if you think you could be one of them you can try it out. However, it is never too late to hire a property manager, if things get out of hand you surely need one. 


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