Event Honors America’s K9 Military Heros

Military dogs were honored in an event on June 4th at the Fort Collins Downtown Library
War Dog Memorial Logo

Our Canine heros will be honored on Monday, June 4 at the Old Town Library in Fort Collins. Four retired military dogs will help teach about the important role dogs played in bringing soldiers home to their families. Veterans especially invited!

At 6:15 pm there will be a Search and Rescue Demonstration. The Main Program will be at 7:00.

The event is free but attendees are asked not to bring their dogs to the program.

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  1. I would love for you to do a story on how RUDE AND APPALLING the manager Eileen McCluskey was to the VETERANS AND THE WAR DOGS. Everything was approved ahead of time, she ABSOLUTELY DID NOT ALLOW THE WAR DOGS IN AND TREATED OUR VETERANS LIKE SHIT… INEXCUSABLE

  2. This event did NOT go off as planned. The library manager rudely made the retired war dog heroes leave (out the back door) before the program could even begin. This is NOT the way war heroes should be ‘honored’.

  3. Sad that this event didn’t go as planned since the library manager decided to kick the K9 vets out of the library and turn people away at the door. She did not treat this group very respectfully after being part of the planning. These K9’s are amazing!

  4. This could have been a wonderful event had the manager Eileen McCluskey not been so rude and prevented the hero war dogs from being part of the program. All ads for this program made it clear that this event was for and about the hero war dogs. They should have been included, that’s what the event is about. Shame on Miss McCluskey for ruining what would have been a wonderful opportunity for people to understand and get to know about The hero war dogs.

  5. This event didn’t go as planned and should not of ended with Hero Veteran War Dogs being kicked out the back door and then were not allowed to come back inside. Eileen McCluskey disrespectfully turned a fantastic event into a confusing mess. Many people came to this event to pay their RESPECT to these Hero K9 War Dogs and Veterans. All of the newspapers and ads said they were there. War Dog Memorial Colorado is bringing awareness of what War Dogs do and have done to protect our Soldiers and they are the Forgotten Heroes. I am so sad that one library manager could ruin an important event.

  6. I am an avid supporter of War Dog Memorial Colorado and Ruby and Wade Ridpath. They were in Ft. Collins Monday with their adopted War Dogs, Tomo and Heky, to do a presentation at the Old Town Library Branch about the War Dog Memorial Colorado. Arrangements had already been made for them in advance to do this presentation. Unfortunately they were greeted with a very unkind lady who did not want them or the dogs there. People had come to see this presentation and the War Dogs and were more or less turned away.
    These War Dogs are four legged veterans who have given their lives to support our soldiers and keep them out of harms way. They deserve as much respect as our two legged soldiers and in some cases have given their lives to do just that. I am sad that this effort on Ruby and Wades behalf was received with such hostility by the manager of the Library. Hopefully if anyone has the opportunity to hear Ruby’s presentation and meet Tomo and Heky in person that you will take this time to learn of the these wonderful dogs. I am sorry that they were so badly received in Ft. Collins.

  7. This event which appeared in your North Forty News did everything except honor our K9 military heroes and the veterans that accompanied them. Wade and Ruby Ridpath from War Dog Memorial Colorado were treated horrible by the Old Town Library in Fort Collins!

    I’ll try to be very brief but also feel I need to express my feelings by the way this placed expressed their feelings towards veterans.
    After completing 3 tours in Vietnam and retiring after Desert Storm, I find this treatment by a public government facility very disrespectful. I cannot understand how a government employee can threaten, verbally and then physically assault a veteran or any patron that visits its establishment. I would not be here today if it weren’t for these wonderful K9 Warriors. I owe my life, as many do, to these great K9 Veterans! Guess there are still many people still out there that don’t appreciate what has been given to them by the sacrifices of many. What this facility is really saying “Thank You For Your Service, now get out of here and use the back door”. Thank you Poudre Public Library District for showing how you support all our military around the World!

    This all occurred in front of children and those who traveled miles to see these K9 Heroes in person.

    Just thought you would be interested in this event you tried to promote in a positive manor.

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