A Weather Forecast Website That Can Tell You the Ideal Time to Enjoy Your Outdoor Recreation

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The weather can be an essential determining factor for outdoor recreational activities. Most people wish for sunny weather to enjoy their time outside the home. However, several outdoor sports are not dependent on sunshine alone.

For example, if you will need snow if you want to go skiing in the mountains. Or, if you want to ride your cyclocross bike, you would wish for rainfall so that you can have fun biking in the mud.

Outdoor enthusiasts have been reliant on weather apps to determine the ideal conditions for recreational activities. Some people might feel why they need a website to tell them something that they can see with their own eyes.

However, there are several other factors that sports enthusiasts must consider before they step outdoors to indulge themselves, such as air quality, UV rays, wind conditions, and risk factors. Moreover, there might be localized variations in the weather. For example, it might be sunny where your home is, but the weather might be completely different 10 miles away.

Localized climatic conditions can affect several types of outdoor activities. People who are interested in flying drones by the seaside might need to know how strong the winds are where they plan to fly. A person who wants to go sailing should know if the sea conditions are not too choppy. Such people can use ClimaCell’s new weather site, which has forecast features to understand if the conditions are favorable for their chosen activity.

Many Internet users wonder what makes Climacell different from so many other weather forecast websites. Most of these websites get weather information from sources like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that obtain data from satellites and weather stations. 

Unfortunately, the information gathered this way does not paint a complete picture. While satellites can offer extensive coverage worldwide, they cannot provide localized details of a city block. Weather stations can come in handy to get such information, but it can be expensive and impractical to deploy them everywhere.

ClimaCell uses a technology that takes advantage of the signals affected by the weather. The company has tied up with cellular network providers to get access to diagnostic information of microwave signals. The diagnostic information contains details about how microwave signals get affected by weather conditions. 

ClimaCell’s algorithms analyze these details to get accurate hyperlocal ground-level weather information. In other words, if you want to know the weather in Fort Collins at a block level, you can get that information.  The clean design for their forecast site makes it convenient for anyone to get the required weather data they are looking for. One can also change the details between metric and imperial systems according to their preference.

The company also gathers data from a technology that gets information from the Internet of things devices. Any device, such as traffic cameras, smart city sensors, connected cars, and Uber drivers connected to the Internet, can provide weather-related data.

ClimaCell’s technology adds all these data points to the information obtained from satellites and ground weather stations. It allows them to analyze and present accurate localized weather data in over 50 countries.

ClimaCell may not be as well known to users as other weather forecast websites like Weather Underground. That is because the weather intelligence company focused on commercial clients before August 2019. ClimaCell provides weather data to several well-known companies. For example, Uber uses its data to provide an accurate expected time of arrival to their customers.

Their website also has several other useful features. People who have allergies can use the pollen spread index to predict their outdoor activities. The website also offers an option where every user can get information about weather conditions worldwide.

ClimaCell also has a mobile app that is even more useful for outdoor activities, as people can select the outdoor activity they are interested in, like running or walking. The mobile app was launched with 10 or 15 activities, with an option to suggest any other recreational sports. The user can select an activity they are interested in, and the app will tell them if the conditions outside are ideal for that.

Some people might feel overwhelmed by the amount of information offered by weather forecast websites. However, ClimaCell synthesizes all the information and makes it easy to understand for all users. It highlights the commonly needed information like temperature, precipitation, humidity, and forecast in the upcoming days.

It also provides information about the current air quality index (AQI) and tells the user whether the conditions are favorable or unhealthy. People with pollen allergies can get information about the spread of pollen from trees, weeds, and grass. The website also provides hourly details of temperature, precipitation, and wind conditions for the selected location. 

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