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By Judy Kob

I am very concerned that this election is going to be determined by a lot of untruths found in TV ads, on social media, and on my phone. It is interesting to see how words can be used to convey “facts” by failing to provide the complete story.


We are being told that Proposition 115 bans abortion. The part about after 22 weeks is usually skipped. As to not including protection for rape and incest pregnancies, it would seem those victims would know they were pregnant before 22 weeks (when abortion is still available).

Ads claim that Cory Gardner has voted against insurance protection for pre-existing conditions without explaining what else was in the bills he voted against. He has made it very plain he wants insurance coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

There are “helpful hints” found online that claim a “yes” vote on Proposition 113 will keep our voting for President the same as it is now. That is totally false. Because the National Popular Vote bill has been passed and signed by the governor, we must repeal it to save the Electoral College.

But the proposition as written is not to repeal, but to verify. This confusion may or may not have been intentional, but it is very easy to mislead voters and that is being done. Long story short, voting “yes” joins the compact to elect Presidents by a national vote, and voting “no” preserves the role of the Electoral College.

My advice to voters is to study carefully the issues put before you, and determine your vote with input from different sources. Don’t hesitate to call the candidates for their input, and talk with others whose opinions you respect.

It is important to vote, but most important to vote wisely.

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