Quality Golfers Choose Equipment Wisely: Here Are Their Tips

Golf is an amazing sport for those who prefer socializing while playing. As opposed to contacting sports that require a lot of stamina, golf almost seems like a laid-back activity. This is not to say that it is an easy sport to master, though. However, it is more forgiving when compared to other activities. This makes it the perfect choice for beginners who have never been into sports. If you are an aspiring golfer, you must be well-aware of the importance of having quality equipment. Yet, picking decent gear is easier said than done. To purchase the best golf equipment on the market, check out these tips.


Let’s start with the most basic tool that any golfer should have: a club. Although choosing a golf club seems easy enough, it entails many variables you should be aware of. First off, you must factor in your height before making any purchase. Players who are shorter than 5’5″ should go for clubs that are a half-inch shorter than the standard length. On the other hand, over-length clubs are better suited for tall golfers, 6’1″ or more. When it comes to the types of clubs out there, there are mainly six: drivers, putters, hybrids, irons, and fairway woods. You will only need a driver for long shots and a wedge for close ones as a beginner. Generally speaking, get a club that is not too narrow. Once you hone your skills, you can try other thinner clubs like hybrids.

Stand Bags

Because you want to keep your precious clubs in pristine condition and close by all the time, you should invest in a stand bag. When it comes to picking the best stand bag for golf, the first thing you should worry about is the material it is made of. It should be durable enough to resist wear and tear. Comfort is also a key aspect. Since you will be carrying your bag, you must ensure that it is comfortable enough. For this reason, we recommend buying one that is lightweight and has double shoulder straps. Last but not least, make sure that the model you are planning to buy has plenty of pockets, including fleece-lined ones, to hold your balls and other equipment.


As a new golfer, your attire is just as important as the rest of your golf equipment. Almost all golf players wear gloves, and while pros say that this is often a fashion statement, we cannot deny the impact gloves have on improving one’s grip. Of course, the more control you have over your club, the more accurate your shots will be. To get the perfect fit, make sure that the gloves feel snug, basically like a second skin! There are also moisture-wicking gloves for those who have sweaty hands. So, shop around to find a pair that suits your unique needs.



Even the shortest golf practice session often involves a huge number of lost balls. Ironically, not many golfers believe that carrying enough balls with them is necessary. However, because you always want to be ready, you must have extra ones at hand. To choose the best golf balls, go for ones that sport more than one “piece,” or layer, as these are usually great for long-distance shots. The ball’s hardiness, or “feel,” as the pros call it, is also a good reference point. As a general rule of thumb, the firmer the ball is, the harder it is to control. So, softballs are a great option for beginners.


A Divot Tool

Even though a divot tool is not necessary, it can make your life much easier. As you practice putting, you may make divots, ruining the green. This can make your accuracy take a dip, not to mention that it is somewhat rude to leave the course in such a state. For this reason, a divot tool can be a great addition to your golf bag. This nifty tool allows you to get rid of turfs and restore the green to its original state, making it a lot easier to score every time!

A Rangefinder

As you hone your skills, you will find that you need special equipment to calculate the distance between you and the next hole. Well, this is where rangefinders come into play. A rangefinder helps you improve accuracy, making the “ranging” process a breeze. Since rangefinders come at vastly different price tags, you may not know which one to purchase. Luckily, all models are the same, so you do not have to go for the most expensive one out there. Just make sure that yours has a decent battery life to not die on you during important games.

Being a skilled golfer is easy when you have the right equipment. Clubs, balls, stand bags, and gloves are all essentials that you should invest in. With the above tips, you can now pick the most high-quality golf gear out there. If you have enough to splurge on accessories, definitely purchase a rangefinder and a divot tool; they always come in handy

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