Iuengliss – Blank Matter

By Molly McCowan Imagine two gun-slinging, drooling aliens having a full-on extraterrestrial battle while floating through the cold, silent heart of deep space. Now try to think of the soundtrack behind that image. Not sure […]

Music News

Review: Global Dance Festival 2011

By Molly McCowan Hope you remembered to pack your glowsticks – The annual electronic music extravaganza that is Global Dance Festival just rolled through town. GDF 2011 was a three-day extravaganza of electronica that took […]


Wire Faces – Diamonds & Gold EP

By Molly McCowan The hook that Wire Faces lays down in the first track on Diamonds & Gold – entitled “Magic Mountain” – is one that wriggles and buzzes in the net between your ears. […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Bohemian Foundation Mural Makes Downtown Debut

By Molly McCowan If you’ve been wandering the streets of Old Town lately, you may have wondered how a two-story mural could have appeared almost overnight. The newest mural in Fort Collins, which runs between […]