How to Avoid Distractions While Writing an Essay

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Even for students who prefer writing over other school assignments, completing an essay may seem tedious. So, for the rest it is even less funny,  leave alone the situation when they are assigned an essay on a topic they are not really fond of. This is when numerous little things like good weather, an old game, and other ridiculous stuff start seeming important enough for you to ditch the assignment.

Probably, you already know an awful lot of app blockers and time managers that help one not get distracted by phone and browser notifications. However, there are many more distractions than just Twitter or numerous chats you can’t but read regularly. And there are definitely more ways to not only improve your focus and discipline but actually address the reasons for poor concentration. So, let’s dive in!

Quiet Your Mind

The worst distractions in the world are your thoughts about:

  • personal issues
  • the feeling of guilt because you have some urgent matters to attend to
  • not knowing where to start, and so on.

You can’t block them via apps, they may take all your energy and motivation, and finally, they spoil not only the pace at which you learn but your lifestyle in general. In turn, when dealing with them, you might notice that the obsession with your gadgets or self-sabotage is no longer your problem. So, let’s start with the first point. 

Personal problems are often hard to solve in a couple of minutes, but it is indeed possible to divert your mind from them for some time. Write down your thoughts, what you feel, and what bothers you. You can use a help service by typing “write an assignment for me” or you can even write a so-called letter to a person you can’t talk to right now and just leave it alone for a spell. That way, you can reduce the number of thoughts swirling in your head and bothering you. As soon as you express your feelings and ideas, a concentration boost is guaranteed.

The rest of the troubling thoughts can actually be processed and analyzed in the same way as recommended above, but there are other ways, too. For instance, if you have several papers to complete but have inspiration only for one of them, you can use an essay writer – or you can simply order both papers.

If you can’t prioritize your tasks properly, make a list divided into three columns:

  • ASAP
  • Rather urgent
  • Can wait

Sort all your tasks according to this classification and start with the ASAP column. Even crossing out one of the major/most urgent chores will make it easier to move on with what will be left.

Do the Hardest Part First

It can be about cleaning up your apartment to be able to focus on the essay instead of the mess or some other unfinished stuff standing in the way of your creative process. However, the hardest part of any kind of writing is the outline or the first draft. When you start writing the latter, your thinking process kicks in. Before that moment, you just ponder the topic superficially and are more prone to procrastination. 

Sometimes, the hardest part about handling an essay is to admit that you need to use some help and start looking for the best research paper writing services, and you’d better do it in time. Even the toughest experts in academic writing won’t be able to help you complete a 10-page paper if you order it less than a day before the deadline.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Get Some Rest

This is a tricky and dangerous tip but it helps sometimes. If your basic needs, like sleep, hygiene, or hunger, are not addressed, you will constantly get back to those aspects. So, make sure to attend to them. Obviously, there is a risk of falling into procrastination and making excuses that you really need to lay in bed for hours or to eat loads to ‘address your basic needs’. That’s why one needs to be careful with this tip and be honest with themselves.

Change Locations

The number of reasons to do so is infinite. Maybe it’s the cold building where you struggle to concentrate, or poor internet connection, or noise. For example, loud sounds are a major distraction, especially if you live in a dorm. And sometimes, it’s easier to just leave the place than waste time and effort on changing it. Moreover, the change of scenery is quite useful for your mind, and you can have some rest from the routine.

Other Practical Steps

Finally, there may be some factors out of your control. Maybe there is no other place where you could stay to work on your essay without dealing with noisy roommates. Well, this is where you try to set the ground rules that will be beneficial both for them and for you. Also, there is a last resort option: earplugs or earphones. Besides, if you choose the right music, you will also boost your productivity. So, good luck!