Snow Removal in Timnath Made Simple

Who Does What?

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From the warmth and comfort of indoors, it’s easy to “let it snow, snow, snow.” However, when you’re outside braving the chilly temperatures and shoveling your sidewalks and driveway, you might have a different attitude about the snowfall in Timnath.

Whether you use a traditional shovel or you own your own piece of snow removal equipment, clearing the ground within 24 hours of the last snowfall is important for the safety of the community. In this homeowner-friendly article, we’ll take a look at a few helpful snow removal tips and cover what the Town of Timnath removes as well as what homeowners are expected to remove.

What Am I Responsible For?

Timnath residents and business owners are responsible for shoveling snow off of their sidewalks. Shovel snow onto your dormant grass or other shrubberies; it is against the law to shovel snow against fire hydrants, traffic signs, or onto streets.

What Is the Town of Timnath Responsible For?

To be able to maintain a minimum transportation network for connecting emergency services, the Town has a plowing priority when a snowstorm begins.  Depending on the severity of the storm, it can take longer to get to lower priority roads as the focus is on keeping the higher priority roads passable. Expect streets to be plowed in the following order per the current snowplow policy:

  • Priority 1 – Primary Arterial Streets (Harmony Road & Main Street)
  • Priority 2 – Remaining Arterial Streets & select Collector Streets (ie. Three Bell Pkwy, Latham Pkwy)
  • Priority 3 – Remaining select Collector Streets (i.e. Summerfields Pkwy, Club Dr.)

As is common practice in jurisdictions in Northern Colorado, the Town does not typically plow local streets in residential areas.

Snow Removal Tip #1: Wait Before You Pull into Your Driveway

Your vehicle will crunch and compact the snow underneath its tires, making it difficult to clear all of the snow from your driveway. In a sustained cold weather system, this trail of leftover snow can harden and turn into ice, making your driveway a dangerous place to walk or park your vehicle.

Simply park on the street until your driveway is clear or keep your vehicle in the garage until you’ve cleared a path.

Snow Removal Tip #2: Treat Plow Trucks as Emergency Vehicles

There’s one big reason why you should treat snowplow trucks as emergency vehicles when driving: they ARE emergency vehicles! No matter the situation, make sure to always:

  • Yield to an oncoming plow truck
  • Stay back at least 75 feet from the rear of a plow
  • Refrain from passing a plow in operation – under no circumstances is this acceptable

Snow Removal Tip #3: Don’t Wait for Snow to Melt

While it’s not uncommon for the weather to fluctuate during the day with snow and clear skies on the same day, snowfall can also stick around, especially in shady areas. Don’t ignore accumulated snow on your sidewalks and driveway; it’s your responsibility to clear it 24 hours post-snowfall.

The Town of Timnath can legally issue fines to business owners and homeowners who don’t remove snow in a timely manner. Avoid this by shoveling or removing snow in a timely manner.

Together, we can all do our part to make Timnath a safe place to walk and drive during the winter. Learn more about our snowplow policy online.



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