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Prospects for powering civilization with artificial leaves

[media-credit id=8 align=”alignnone” width=”165″][/media-credit] The world runs on solar power. It has for the last 3.5 billion years, since some microbe captured sunlight with chlorophyll and fired up photosynthesis. Human beings release stored solar energy […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Local Artist Daniel Ibanez Goes Back to the Future

By Dave Schutz Fort Collins artist Daniel Ibanez explains his recent work with an excitement bordering on nervousness as he riffs on topics ranging from The Fifth Element; Cormac McCarthy; science fiction as a tool […]


Cutting Edge Gallery Opens on Jefferson Street

Scene is happy to announce the grand opening of Rendition Gallery, located at 251 Jefferson Street. Officially open for business starting on September 2, Rendition is owned and operated by local artist Bryan A. Collins. […]

Music News

Scene Speaks with Finnders & Youngberg

By Erika Iverson Finnders and Youngberg is a Colorado-based traditional bluegrass band that sticks to its roots. They have a timeless sound and family feel that makes them easy to connect with onstage, and they […]


Ape 9 – Ok, Yeah

By Conor Hooley OK, Yeah is nine tracks of underground hip-hop that pairs Colorado rapper Ape9’s gravelly flow with producer Dirtybird’s futuristic take on boom bap. The combination proves to be inspired, as Ape’s low-register, […]