Wendy Woo Band – Tipping Point

4.5 stars out of 5 Fort Collins’ powerhouse Wendy Woo, has released yet another fantastic album. This ten-song album is complex and full of many different music styles. Wendy Woo is known for her soulful […]


Vertical Arrays – Absence of Light and Sound

3 stars out of 5 Hailing from Fort Collins, Colorado, this four-piece alternative rock band is bringing back the low-key alternative rock sound. On their new EP “Absence of Light and Sound,” each song starts […]


Red Fox Run – Red Fox Run

3.5 stars out of 5 From just a few miles south, we are met yet again with innovation from Denver’s ever-growing plethora of musicians. Red Fox Run’s third release reflects on the maturity gained after […]


Genetics – Dr. Spookymuffin

4 stars out of 5 I’ve never met Dr. Spookymuffin, but he certainly seems to be a funky fellow. The debut album from locally based Genetics is impressive to say the least, displaying foremost their […]


Unique Beers at the COBF

by  Mikaela Antonelli There is a lot of room in the craft beer world to get creative with the ingredients that are put into beers. From Rocky Mountain Oysters to Green Chilli to blueberries, craft […]


FOCO Food Trucks

by  CiCi Sharstrom It’s no secret that Fort Collins excels at fantastic beer and breweries, so it really isn’t surprising that we also host a great assortment of quality food trucks. Chances are you’ve already […]


26th Colorado Brew Festival Pours it On

by  Marty Jones   This year’s Colorado Brewers Festival, June 26-28 in downtown Fort Collins, flows into town with some self-applied pressure. To herald its 25th edition last year, the COBF featured a nine-pack of […]


Craft Beer Cellar

Fort Collins Craft Beer Cellar is opening this month at 122 S. Mason Street. Owners Chris Lazzery and Justin Wright would like for everyone to know that CBC “is not just another liquor store. We […]