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Social media and citizen scientists

Bio Bites By R. Gary Raham A biologist-artist’s ruminations about our roles in a science-inspired world             Social media can be intimidating for many of us in the white-haired set, but I was reminded recently […]

Do you like paying taxes? I didn’t think so. It is one of the few things that nearly everyone in the country can agree on. You don’t want to pay more taxes than you need to, legally. With the end of the year approaching, what can you actually do to lower your tax liability for 2019? I have you covered! 
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End of Year Tax Planning Tips

End of the Year Taxes By Lucas Casarez Certified Financial Planner® 970-222-6783 “Take Your Financial Confidence To The Next Level” 10 Questions to Ask Your Financial Planner   Do you like paying taxes? I didn’t […]

Annual Holiday Home Tour Benefiting Voices Carry Child Advocacy CenterReturns in Windsor’s Highland Meadows November 22, and November 23.

Holiday Extravaganza

1. 2019 Festival of Trees Union Coloney Civic Center Fri, Nov 29 – Dec 7 5:00pm – 5:00pm WEBSITE   A holiday tradition of beautifully decorated trees, wreaths, and yuletide displays, presented by the City of […]