Common Bicycle Accidents You Need to Be Aware Of

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Cycling is a preferred method of transportation for many people for various reasons. It is a fun activity in addition to being an environmentally friendly transportation method. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents happen every day on public roads, often due to drivers’ negligence of safety rules. As a cyclist, you need to know that every time you hit the road, you’re going to face the risks and dangers of unsafe roads and careless drivers. It’s helpful to be familiar with common bicycle accidents so that you can avoid them in the future. Read on to learn more about the causes of bicycle accidents and how to steer clear of them.



Inattentive Drivers

If you have been involved in an accident while riding your bike, it is likely that you were not the one responsible for the crash. With bicycle versus car accidents, it is also far more common for the cyclist to sustain serious injuries. One of the main causes of bicycle accidents is the carelessness of drivers on public roads; for instance, a driver may obstruct the cyclist’s path while changing lanes. Some drivers pay more attention to their mobile phones rather than focusing on the road, while others might find it hard to stay awake. It is hard to predict what every driver will do, so make sure that you stay in the cyclist’s lane and be extremely attentive when you share roads with other vehicles.

Door Accidents

When a driver attempts to open the door of their parked car on the side of the road without paying attention, cyclists riding full speed will not have enough time to react before they crash into the open car door. The consequences of this behavior often include serious injuries for the person riding the bike. Even if the cyclist is able to react, they will be left with two options: either swerve into lanes with the other vehicles, which is extremely dangerous or crash into the open car door. Sadly, these accidents occur frequently, an alarming fact for all cyclists. If you get injured in this manner, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer since cyclists hurt in accidents deserve to get proper compensation. No matter how minor or catastrophic the collision is, make sure you contact an attorney who will help you decide how to proceed. Look for one who offers free consultations and who takes cases on a contingency basis, meaning you won’t have to pay anything until your case is resolved. 

Dangerous Roads

Badly-paved streets with bumps and potholes are probably your worst nightmare as a cyclist. Even if you’re armed with all the right safety gear, the chances of losing your balance and falling are higher on bad roads. One reason for the danger is that modern bicycles with their lightweight design can make it easy to lose control. If you crash, and it can be shown that a pothole was to blame, you may be entitled to compensation. Try to be as careful as possible when you come across water puddles, oil slicks, or other hazards that might lead to severe injuries.


Another main reason for bicycle collisions is the high speed of other vehicles, especially when changing lanes or turning. A vehicle driving above the speed limit often won’t have enough time to slow down or make the right decisions, which may lead to collisions with cyclists. Other scenarios may also occur. A driver may underestimate the speed of the cyclists and drive into their lane assuming that they will be able to stop, but the cyclists are then left with little time to stop or pivot. Moreover, many drivers turn at intersections without looking or checking for bikers, which can result in accidents. This reckless behavior often leads to serious injuries or even death. 


Photo by Flo Karr on Unsplash


Cycling has become a popular form of exercise that many people enjoy. Whether you ride for fun or to commute to work or school, it is normal to see bicycles hitting the road year-round. Of course, as a cyclist, you are likely to face certain risks when you share roads with different vehicles like cars and trucks that are heavier and travel faster than you. Therefore, take all the necessary precautions to stay safe. Make sure you wear all the proper safety gear, focus on the road, and do your best to avoid reckless drivers who might cause collisions. If you do end up in an accident, and it’s not your fault, remember that you likely have the right to receive compensation.

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