Once Upon a Time…

Most kids know that lots of memorable stories begin with the phrase “Once Upon A Time”. From there, tales can take a scary, funny, mysterious, or sweet turn. Within each new book, an exciting adventure […]

Life in NOCO


Especially around Valentine’s Day, Fort Collins is a really sweet place. Sweet, as in sweetheart; sweet as can be; sweet as sugar; sweetie pie. You know, sweet!   Sweet gifts for special sweeties are ubiquitous […]

Life in NOCO

Coyotes Among Us! BY MARTY METZGER

Five tiny kittens frantically cried for their mother. Hungry and scared, they’d been waiting in a cold, dark world because, at only about two-weeks-old, their eyes were just opening. Other residents of the little farmstead […]

Business & Education

Jack Tamlin—The Tree Wiseman

Jack Tamlin might know more about Christmas trees than does anyone else… even Santa! The Tamlin family began harvesting wild-grown ones commercially since the 1930s, and Jack has run the family business for nearly six […]

Life in NOCO

Anything But Child’s Play

Marty Metzger North Forty News Nowadays, securing licensed child care is anything but child’s play. Only a very mature adult with the patience of a saint can maneuver the ins and outs of the predicament. […]

Life in NOCO

Great Fort Collins Haunts

Marty Metzger North Forty News Ubiquitous as falling autumn leaves, spellbinding yarns of petulant poltergeists and ghoulish ghosts abound in Fort Collins. Spirited stories that are simultaneously disquieting yet delectably haunting tales. Not long after […]

Art & Lifestyle

When Men Cook

Marty Metzger North Forty News Somewhere back in the Dark Ages, cooking and baking were traditionally thought of as “women’s work.“ Dumb notion, because so many world-class chefs and bakers are men. We’re not talking […]


They Pave the Way

By: Marty Metzger “Oh, come on, come on, I’m late for work! What the heck’s going on up there?” You crane your neck out the window, but the view ahead is blocked by that nasty […]