How to Make Your Clients Feel Valued

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An essential part of maintaining clients and nurturing your customer relationships is making a client feel valued. When they feel valued, a client is more likely to choose you in the future, and as your relationship with them gets stronger, it becomes able to withstand many pressures. In other words, a strong business-client relationship means a fruitful human connection and a steady stream of revenue. So, how do you go about making a client feel valued? Here is what you need to know.

Show them you Remember

As humans, we crave being seen and heard. It’s why we don’t like to be labeled and why some of us shout when they feel that the points they’re making are being overlooked. It’s also why when a new significant other remembers that little detail we mentioned on the first date, we feel valued and seen. Because clients are people at the end of the day, listening to them and showing them that you remember can make a huge difference. The best thing is that it is as simple as picking the phone and asking about them or by bringing up something you’ve talked about before during your next meeting. Try it and notice the difference in their body language.

Personalize your Messages

A professional relationship doesn’t stand for entirely stripping away the human element. Whenever you’re sending out any emails or messages, make sure you address your clients by name. In a world where businesses solely communicate as means to an end, mentioning your client by name makes you stand out, and, for a fact, it makes them feel special. A person’s name is their identity, and so, when you say a name, you’re establishing a human connection, rather than a business connection.

Follow Up

Have you ever been contacted by a business a couple of hours or days after receiving an order only to find them checking up on your level of satisfaction with their service? It makes a person feel valued, respected, heard, but more importantly, it establishes a relationship beyond the sale. How can you do that with a large number of clients? As mentioned on, an automated SMS service can help you reach out to as many clients as you want. With a messaging list and several message templates, you can make your clients feel valued with minimal cost.

Build A Relationship

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It’s always in your hands whether your client views you as just another business transaction or as a companion. In the previous paragraphs, you’ve seen how to make them feel valuable, but that’s not all that a relationship is about. Trust is a key component, especially when it comes to business relationships. Nevertheless, how does one build that trust from where they stand in their clients’ lives? By making promises and fulfilling them and staying honest and transparent. Every time you fulfill an order on time, answer their questions clearly and fully and provide them with as much information as they desire, it’s like building a small part of the bridge that connects you. Soon enough, they will start reciprocating in their way.

Reply Promptly

A quick reply shows a client that you respect them, value their time, and their business. Before we go on, let’s refute the misconception that replying quickly might make them look desperate for clients. There is a fine line between replying promptly out of respect and replying out of desperation. What puts you on either side is your attitude and how you present yourself in the other areas of life. If you’re awfully pushy and always prodding for pain points in order to offer your solutions, then you’ve already established yourself as desperate, but if you’ve been respectful of your client’s space until they decided to initiate contact, a swift reply is just what is needed.

Listen to Feedback

A huge part of making a client feel valued is listening to their feedback and showing them that you’ve been working on the issues they brought to light. Not only does this show that you respect them and their input, but also that you’re professional and forward-thinking enough to acknowledge mistakes, fix them, and improve your business. If you were a client, would you give your business to someone who, without a reason, fights you every step of the way or someone willing to learn how to cater to your exact needs?


That being said, keep in mind that the way to making a client feel valued differs based on the client and their preferences. Nevertheless, the core of all the aforementioned ways is authenticity. A good business person should have a healthy amount of doubt, and so, some clients will notice when you’re trying to win them over. As long as you’re authentic in the ways you use to show you care, you’ll be on the good side of all your clients. Once you resort to the gimmicks, that’s when you’ll start losing respect.


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