A Rather Blustery Drive

Master Trooper Gary Cutler As Winnie the Pooh stated. “It undoubtedly looks like a rather blustery day.”  As that silly old bear stated so many years ago, it still rings true. We have seen a lot […]

Gardens & Landscapes

Winter Blooming Houseplants

by Sherry Fuller, Curator, Gardens on Spring Creek Having a flowering plant indoors always brightens up a cold winter.  Here are some to try. Kalanchoe – The most common kind has succulent, rounded leaves […]

Health and Wellness

Air Purification System Installed at Grace Pointe Senior Care Community to Mitigate Airborne Transmission of Illnesses

Family and locally owned assisted living community and rehab center Grace Pointe has announced the installation of a Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) air purification system at its Greeley campus to fight against the airborne transmission […]