3 Ways Generative AI Will Shape Online Casinos in 2024

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It is not a complex prediction to suppose that over the coming 12 months, AI will continue to affiliate and influence virtually every facet of the goods and services sector with everyone from Amazon to https://www.adidas.com/ looking for ways to integrate machine learning into their offerings. We’re already seeing this play out in a diverse range of areas, and the online casino industry – never one to lag far behind the latest tech developments, is eagerly positioning itself to capitalise on the benefits of this emergent trend in 2024.

What this looks like exactly is, as with everything concerning this fast moving tech, hard to define neatly. Suffice to say, whatever it looks like – it’s coming. Below are some sound ideas that are already gaining investment from some of the biggest names and developers in the world of online casinos.

Novel Game Formats

One of the most disruptive and impressive elements of modern GenAI is its ability to seemingly create new content instantaneously based on a few prompts. Anyone who has played around with https://chat.openai.com/ or other popular tools will know that the sky is often the limit for what you could ask an AI to attempt to create. 

As such, it’s easy to see how this utility transfers to the world of iGaming and online casinos. One of the biggest drivers of growth in the sector today is novelty – from platforms that offer tens of thousands of slot games, to dedicated blackjack services that facilitate novel rule-sets and variants.

Integrating AI into this context could feasibly lead to wholly new rule-sets and even entirely new games being generated based upon a user’s preferences and prompt requests. Suppose, for example, someone were to request a game that combined elements of roulette with blackjack. 

The end result could prove so popular it could become a wholly new and successful viral game, thus creating a beneficial feedback loop for the casino making it available to players.


Generative Bespoke Offers

The online casino has come to be closely associated with the use of sign-up offers as a means of boosting discoverability, conferring savings to prospective patrons and contributing to organic growth. 

In light of this fact, the past decade has presided over the rise of dedicated platforms such as https://bonuses.com/ which is focused on collating the best of these offers in one place, smoothing the path for new and returning casino aficionados and giving the gaming providers a variety of directories upon which to establish themselves. 

Such platforms rely on expert curation and recommendations, with consumers coming to rely on the suggestions and rankings provided by them. While this fact is unlikely to change, the nature of the bonuses themselves may soon fall under the influence of AI models. 

The current format provides a huge array of sign-up deals and bonus offers for users to browse. What AI could contribute, is bespoke presentations of select bonuses for patrons based on their browsing history. 


(Photo from unsplash.com)


Suppose, for example, a frequent user of such a bonus site is known to favour the game of roulette – in this instance, such a service would be more effective in presenting affiliate links if it deemphasized bonuses that do not match this profile. AI could also, feasibly, communicate directly with gaming platforms and casinos to create wholly bespoke welcome offers designed to cater to specific players.

Sophisticated Coaching and Training

The casino gaming coaching sector represents a sizable market all to its own, with professional gamers in everything from poker to baccarat eagerly driving sales in coaching apps, online tuition and training literature. 

Into such a context, AI stands to make an enormous impact due to its ability to analyse a player’s gameplay, and to teach them how to identify and overcome weaknesses and deficiencies. 

What’s more, this is a sector that scales with the needs of the user. Naturally, not all casino players have their hearts set on turning professional – nor need them in order to benefit from the advice and guidance of an AI coach.

Interactive guides stored locally on online casinos that can assist new and developing players in picking up the basics, or learning the subtleties of the game they’re interested in, are one key example of how widespread this approach could easily become. 

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