The Role of the Sharp Program in Preventing Sexual Assault in the Colorado Military

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Sexual assault is not a foreign subject in the United States Army. It is common in the news, and students who write a BLC-sharp essay are conversant with it. Not long ago, on March 13, Private Ana Basaldua Riz, 20, died at Fort Hood. Her death came after complaining to her family about harassment. It occurred in the same Texas army base where Vanessa Guillen was murdered. 

Sexual badgering is incompatible with the army values. But they happen nonetheless. As a result, the DOD has started focusing on improving and enforcing sexual assault laws. One such initiative is the Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention. This article explores how the initiative is combating sexual harassment in the force.

The Purpose of the Sharp in The Army

The Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention exists to create a climate that respects the dignity of every person. Their existence has been a focal discussion point on various platforms, including schools.

Lecturers assign army sharp essay BLC to help students understand how the force prevents assault and associated retaliatory behaviors. If you’re writing one, the best way to make your sharp army essay stand out is to draw a parallel between the militia in other states and countries. Moreover, to prepare for writing, use examples for college essay on BLC SHARP to deeply understand the history and trend of sexual assault in the armed forces. The samples also provide a wide coverage area you can explore.

Sharp covers extend to verbal comments and physical conduct where rejection may interfere with one’s career. One of the ways to achieve this is to prevent harassment before it happens. Other duties the initiative strives for are: 

  • Protecting the injured person. 
  • Reducing the stigma of disclosing. 
  • Increasing training and resources. 
  • Increasing avoidance, inquiry, persecution, and care capabilities. 
  • Refining and sustaining response capability. 

The initiative does not only include service men and women. It covers civilians and their families. It is a commander’s program committed to engaging leadership across all levels. Not only that, but it also helps commanders keep authority. Sharp promotes responsibility for avoiding, reacting, and disposing of assault cases. 

The Importance of the Sharp Initiative in Creating a Safe Environment for Service Members in Colorado

According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, sexual assault occurs when a person commits a sexual account on another person, either by threatening or causing bodily harm and falsely stating the act has a professional purpose or pretending to be another person. It applies to a conscious and unconscious person and anyone underaged, mentally or physically disabled, or legally unable to consent. By the way, the legal age of consent in the military is 16 years.

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Colorado Springs is a hub of military life. It is home to the prestigious U.S. Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, and Peterson Air Force Base. There is also a strong presence in the Schriever Air Force Base, North American Aerospace Defense Command, and the U.S. Space Command. But some years ago, some of these institutions were embroiled in assault scandals that rippled across the American Militia. The case in the US. Air Force Academy led to an investigation that found 70% of female cadets reported being victims of rape or attempted rape.

The events led to a change of leadership at the academy and structural changes across the entire sector. One of them is the establishment of help offices at every U.S. armed forces installation worldwide. 

Education and Training

The initiative has a lecture unit explaining state laws to educate students on sexual assault. The unit teaches the basic overview and provides information on how students can protect themselves. Some contents covered in the lectures include: 

  • Avoidance psychology: This training educates students on ways to profile a potential assailant. 
  • Managing harassment: Low-profile security tactics for remaining assertive and tactful in the face of unwanted sexual comments, touching, or flirting. 
  • Assault countermeasures: Unlike management techniques, these countermeasures teach basic protection strategies that allow you to inflict physical injuries on assailants. The victim can tailor it to their physical capabilities or personality. Examples include stunning the victim or using verbal or physical distractions. 

Sharp is a proactive security tactic to help servicemen and women respond to an assault. It covers quid pro quo and hostile environment harassment. The former refers to conditions placed on a person’s career in return for sexual favors. In contrast, the latter covers servicemen and women, civilians, and families subjected to behaviors of a sexual nature. 

The Influence of the Sharp Initiative on Norms and Society in the Colorado Army

The initiative has encouraged service men and women to step forward. It has also aided the avoidance and advocated positive changes in stopping sexual violence. The joint SAPR office in the state continues to develop and implement comprehensive policies. These policies enhance support and improve system accountability. The platform organizes sexual assault awareness and coordinates efforts to reduce obstacles in reporting cases. Some paths victims can explore include: 

Disclosing Badgering

Soldiers and their families can report restricted assaults without notifying law enforcement. This could be to protect the victim’s identity. But the military prefers unrestricted reporting, as it provides the widest latitude coverage. All personnel keeps details of the incident confidential. They are also disclosed on a need-to-know basis. Restricted and unrestricted victims are entitled to: 

  • Medical care and counseling. 
  • Pastoral care upon request. 
  • Sexual assault forensic examination. 
  • Armed forces protection order. 
  • Legal advice. 
  • Request transfer from their unit. 
  • Law enforcement inquiry into the incident. 

Resources and Help

Many organizations affiliated with the initiative assist survivors of sexual aggression. The groups and communities provide information, counseling, and support. Some resources available include: 

  • 24-hour on-call safe helpline response hotline. 
  • Domestic Violence Victim Advocate Program. 
  • Social Work Service. 
  • Military police and CID. 
  • Memorial Medical Center (E.R.) etc. 

Facilities and resources are available on post and off post in Fort Carson and Colorado Springs. The services are open to armed forces and their families aged 18 or older. DOD civilian employees and their dependents also enjoy the coverage.


Over 26,000 sexual confrontations occurred across the U.S. military in 2012. Army sharp exists to counter such statistics in the force. It is a structure from the pentagon down to the individual soldier level. The initiative promotes a comprehensive effort to teach leaders and soldiers about harassment. Sharp employs training programs to raise awareness of serial offender tactics. This will also allow special forces to intervene or disrupt offenders and know how to seek help. Historically, many cases go unreported. But by increasing the ability to report, the initiative increases the confidence in the chain of command to respond and hold culprits accountable.