Top 7 Ways to Find Trending Topics on YouTube

Growing the presence of your YouTube channel and increasing your monetizing opportunities can be all about how you position your content among dozens of other videos and creators on this popular platform. One way to do this is to find trending topics on YouTube and shift your video focus on them to bring more views to your content.

This approach naturally requires a well-strategized method to increase your video visibility both on YouTube and search engines such as Google. Naturally, you need to be aware of user searches and content popularity – and adjust your videos accordingly to get a chance to go viral.

So, here we listed the top 7 ways for you to benefit from trending topics to increase your brand success, get more viewers interested in your videos, and gain more subscribers.

1. Utilize Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the most efficient ways for creators to search for what users all around the world prefer to watch – within a specific time period in a chosen country. In other words, by using this free tool, you can not only find keywords with high search volume but also reach detailed data such as when a topic was trending on the internet and where it got the most traffic from with a graph.

So, you can utilize Google Trends to analyze your targeted audience – based on their demographic data and create videos based on their preferences whether it’s specific content or the most used language in the videos they view.

2. Look for Keywords on the YouTube Search Bar

In addition to using Google Trends, you can also use the YouTube search to figure out the trending video content on the platform. In fact, you can use relevant keywords from Google’s tool to determine which keywords address your video genre and plan your strategy accordingly.

For example, if your YouTube channel focuses on gaming content, instead of scrolling through millions of unrelated trending videos, you can focus on specific keywords and narrow down your search. So, you can find thousands of gaming-related trending YouTube videos and see how you can adjust your content.

Additionally, you can use these keywords as hashtags in your videos to raise their visibility in search results and reach more viewers.

3. Explore YouTube Trends

Another way to find trending videos is to use the platform’s own trends section – which helps you to find all the videos that rise to popularity among the viewers. This feature is especially helpful to creators who don’t prefer to use complicated-looking tools and search for fast and easy ways to search trending topics.

It is one of the simple ways to find trending topics on YouTube. You can simply sign into your account and select YouTube Trends on the main page of the platform, not your YouTube channel. There you can see the videos that are trending in the country you live in.

Note: In case you change the settings of your channel to another country, you can see the trends related to them.

4. Use Other Social Media Platforms

While the format of trends might be different on various networks, video creators can also use other social media platforms to find trending topics on YouTube – whether it’s music, competition, gaming, or even a review of movies. 

For example, you can search the relevant hashtags on Instagram or TikTok to get a better idea about what kind of content users trend there at a chosen time. This can even inspire you to carry a trend of another platform to YouTube and be one of the first YouTube creators to create a video about it – which can be an advantage for your brand and channel visibility.

5. Search the Community Pages

Community pages are another useful tool to scroll through hot topics as people all around the world with similar interests like to gather there to discuss their thoughts – and share trending videos. The entertainment industry uses these pages for promotions – whether it’s about a movie, music, competition, or other content – to reach the fans.

So, you can also search a community page related to your YouTube niche and see what kind of topic trends there – so that you can create videos to address their interest.

6. Find Third-Party Tools for YouTube Platform

There are also a variety of third-party services that enable creators to find YouTube trends – and even trending topics on other platforms. You can install them as an app or use the online version to find out searches users do that lead them to trending video content. 

However, when using a third-party tool, you need to do your research to avoid scams – as they might use their services as an excuse to reach your personal or YouTube information. So, you need to find a reliable tool that can provide you with the data you need to create better videos.

7. Use Analytics Tools

Using an analytics tool such as YouTube Analytics can help you understand your subscribers and their preferences better – including the videos they search and view, whether it trends or not. In addition to videos, you can also see which channels your subscribers follow.

So, you can also use analytics to get a better idea of your niche and subscribers and plan your future video content accordingly.

The Importance of Trending Topics for Your YouTube Channel

As a content creator, it’s always better to know what’s happening on the platform – not only to create a video based on the trending topics on YouTube but also to know what your subscribers search for that makes them subscribe to a channel. After all, the number of followers and engagement implies your influence on YouTube – which is something you need to have if you’re using the platform as an income source. 

In fact, you can gain revenue without creating videos on YouTube, as long as you stay up to date with trends. If you’re curious about how this works, click here to read more about it to get a better understanding.

Therefore, by keeping up with YouTube trends, creators can boost their video and channel visibility and presence as well as increase their monetization opportunities on the site.


Here are the frequently asked questions by creators about YouTube trends:

What is the Most Watched Video on YouTube?

While the popularity is changeable, the most-watched YouTube video in 2024 is Baby Shark Dance. The music video rose to fame and went viral ever since 2021.

How Can You Search YouTube Trends?

Creators can use various features including YouTube and Google Trends, analytics, and other ways mentioned above to search trending YouTube topics.

Is Speed Important While Searching Trends?

Trends come and go – sometimes faster than we expect so it’s always better to keep up with the latest trending topics.


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