Unlock the Secrets of an Online Dating Profile with These Insights

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Online Dating Profile Tips

How to create an effective online dating profile to attract successful dating opportunities? Maximize your online dating potential with these tips.

Online dating is often a strange and intimidating experience to those who are new to it. It can also be an exciting adventure, and newbies might be a bit too eager to dive straight in and mingle. In order to attract potentially successful dates, it is important to consider a few things first. Establishing exactly what you expect to gain from the experience is a good place to start. Then, creating an effective online dating profile is the next important launching point.

Establish Personal Dating Expectations First

People join online dating sites for very different reasons. Not everybody is looking for love, for example. Some people specifically frequent sites like Chatrandom website in search for an intimate encounter, which is fine when it is made clear from the outset. Other people want to develop online friendships first and then might be open to romantic developments later. Everybody has a pace which is comfortable for them, and establishing what one’s own pace and expectations are before the journey can save a lot of time, wasted effort, and disappointment for both parties.

Here are some things to consider before embarking on the online dating journey.

  1. A person’s current relationship status may determine the pace and approach which is most suitable for them. For example, a person who has been in a long-term relationship may now be looking for some fun, in which case the pace is likely to be fast, and their profile should reflect the level of commitment they are looking for/able to give. Alternatively, a person may have been single for far too long and is therefore looking for a rewarding long-term relationship in which they expect commitment and emotional investment.
  2. A person’s profession is a good indicator of how much time and focus they can realistically dedicate to a new relationship. This could be something to consider first, before it becomes an issue after meeting a partner on the site. For example, if a person’s profession involves a lot of travel, then how available are they to fulfill another person’s relationship needs?
  3. It is important to be straightforward and honest about one’s personality and not try to be something else in the hope that it may attract more potential dating partners. Quality is better than quantity in this case. For example, a quiet and relaxed person should reflect their personality through their profile rather than attempt to attract attention by trying too hard to be bubbly and spontaneous, because otherwise they could be attracting incompatible dating partners, which may be disappointing for everyone in the long run.

Remember: Online dating sites give people the opportunity to be picky, so whoever ‘picks’ you is really just ‘picking’ the information you have provided for them. Be accurate, not misleading.

Create an Effective Online Dating Profile

Nobody wants to read a dull or obvious collection of sentences about a complete stranger’s life or personality on a cyber dating website, so try to add something to the profile that intrigues the reader into wanting to find out more. Remember that people sift through numerous dating profiles in one sitting, and a profile is easy to overlook.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you grab the right person’s attention.

  1. Give away teasers of profile information and prompt the recipient to send a message for more specifics. Encouraging a ‘call to action’ can make a viewer sit up and pay attention.
  2. Think about the personal interests/hobbies being described – do they suggest more about your personality? For instance, a person’s favorite food might be Italian, but are they the sort of person who enjoys eating eat-as-much-as-you-like Pizza Hut Buffet – or intimate rustic candle-lit Italian bistros?
  3. Adopt a very specific tone that is true to who you are. Do you absolutely hate the online dating process? Well then, say it! But then describe what is more to your preference – because that is the information which will reveal a little bit more about who you are, and that is what will hopefully seduce the right person into sending the all important message.

Finally, take care when choosing profile pictures. Online dating sites are basically like online shopping sites. The product is available to see from various angles on-screen with a short description. A profile picture should be honest and flattering. It is a good idea to have three or four pictures. Take into account the following pointers when choosing pictures for an online dating profile:

  • Including a clear head and shoulders forward facing portrait for the main picture can be attention grabbing because of eye contact and clarity. But remember that often too- symmetrical photographs can be misleading, so it is important to include alternative pictures with different angles too.
  • A contrast of different facial expressions can give a well-balanced full-picture of what a person actually looks like.
  • Actions shots can be fun, and allows viewers to see the shape of your body as a whole. Include pictures showing relevant activities to your profile.
  • Well-chosen pictures that show a person amongst friends can give a better idea of who they are and what they look like next to other people.

Pictures serve their purpose to avoid wasting other people’s time, so it is important to be as accurate as possible. But at the same time, one should be kind to oneself and not focus attention on negative traits that might put a potential date off before they have even had the chance to get to know a person.