Duties and Responsibilities of a Disability Lawyer

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Any kind of restriction that keeps us from contributing to our society and is affecting our lifestyle, is a grim predicament. In the case of disability, we need to turn ourselves to our country and to trust any help from it. What happens if a person becomes disabled and is unable to work during the life span, or is unable to work from the start due to illness, body malfunctioning, or any other severe disability?

What are the responsibilities of a lawyer that is representing us in these circumstances, according to the state of California’s legal obligations and processes?

Choose Wisely

When you’re considering registering an application for Social Security and looking for legal support in court, you will need a professional appointee who knows how to achieve affirmative results and understands the system, considering how tiring and perplexing the process can be.

In the misfortune of having a disability, choosing the right team or a team member to back your case up, is crucial. Since the disability cases are awfully delicate, some companies, like LaPorte Law Firm go even further – they offer free case reviews. This is the newest tendency where you can appoint to a meeting with attorneys, without costs or constraints, and have the experts explain the regulations and process to you, while, based on your specific situation and case, offering the strategy, cost, and professional help. 

This initial meeting is the perfect chance to learn about your case, your odds, and more importantly, about the attorney’s experience and expertise.

Call of Duty 

Nevermind the range and seriousness of a disability, or type of benefits a person applies, a disability lawyer has to know the law and order and be familiar with any changes, updates, and tips and tricks out there.

Their duty and loyalty lie with only you and they have to back you up on any occasion and any step of the way, just like any lawyer there is. The slight difference is that, besides working in your favor, they work against the System which will try to find any irregularities and fight its way of keeping the money for itself. Disability lawyers do spend most of their time working in an office but they do meet with clients outside the agency and attend court hearings.


Lawyer: Introducing

Unfortunately, it is very common for disability benefits applications to be denied. If you believe that it is wrongly interpreted, in that case, you can hire a lawyer to help you with the appeal.

As mentioned, once you find an agreeable law company to contact about the initial review of your case, before deciding to represent you, they will ponder and check all the details about the case, especially why you were refused the benefits.

Have in mind that most disability lawyers are going to accept only the cases that are most likely to be successful, so if you have any difficulties finding a representative, it would be wise to do some research about the law companies that usually do harder cases or contemplate the refusals’ reasons.

After the commencing review and when you successfully hire a representative, you can expect to sign a medical privacy release that will allow accessing your medical records. Another important thing is signing a contingency fee stating that the SSA will pay your lawyer if you win your case, as losing your claim for disability benefits generally means that your attorney will not increase its budget from you.

Responsible Steps

On the other hand, let’s see what other duties and services a qualified disability lawyer has towards you:

  • Ensuring that your paperwork is filled out completely and correctly.
  • Making sure your records and pieces of evidence are all procured and accessed meaning your file is complete. If not, helping you to gather supporting medical evidence for the appeal. 
  • Helping you to understand the process and explain points, phrases, and terms along the way.
  • Proving to the SSA that your condition classifies as a disability listing, as well as proving that the condition will prohibit an individual from any type of work.
  • Attending court hearings.
  • Being at bestowal for all the questions you might have and whenever you might have them.

Your disability lawyer must wholeheartedly work to make sure you achieve the benefits, and you shouldn’t settle down with anything less.

Having in mind that it can happen so often for an application to be denied, and the cases with the expertise behind them achieve success more than often – the only question here is to, judiciously and skillfully, choose your virtuoso.

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