Cannabis Corner: Professional Insight Into Colorado’s Marijuana Industry

by Dr. RMJ 
(I’m not really a doctor, though I play one in this column.)
Hello Dr. R:  So one of my friends the other day was telling me about some sort of new sex product out there with weed in it.  She was being pretty shy about it and didn’t want to give me the full scoop.  What was she talking about and does it actually work?
Dear Strictly Business:  The product that your friend was talking about is most likely Foria. Foria is a therapeutical oil designed to enhance female pleasure and is made with coconut oil and purified cannabis oil. Foria is a topical spray that comes in 10 and 30 mL sizes. Each spray from the bottle contains about 3mg of cannabis oil and has an activation time of 20-40 minutes. You can read many testimonials on Foria’s website where people claim that this product works very well. Women have reported finding it easier to reach orgasm, to have multiple orgasms and that their climaxes are longer and more intense. Other responses include: enhanced lubrication, sexual desire, deeper relaxation and help with sleeping. According to GQ magazine Foria is “…the most enjoyable sex product of the year”. Foria is available to purchase in Fort Collins at one old town dispensary.
Hey Dr. R:  I was reading online the other day and this website was making a claim that marijuana can be used as an aphrodisiac. Is this true and are some strains better than others for this? Obviously we’ve come a long way since the days of reefer madness but what’s the deal yo?
Dear Freaky Deaky: Many people definitely believe that marijuana is an aphrodisiac. Weed enhances sex in many different ways for both biological and social reasons. Many people experience a heightened state of arousal because of oxytocin. Oxytocin is naturally released during sexual arousal and orgasm and has also been shown to be stimulated when cannabis is consumed. As far as the different strains are concerned, I would recommend a good hybrid and not a complete indica or sativa. Heavy indicas can promote sleepiness and full sativas can cause anxiousness or paranoia. Some good indica strains that would help you relax would be Critical Sensi Star, Girl Scout Cookies and Jack Flash. If you are looking for more energy during sex I would recommend a good sativa hybrid such as Tange, Cindy 99 or Super Lemon Haze. The claims that were made in the 1970’s remake film Reefer Madness are absolutely preposterous. Smoking marijauna is not going to turn you into a nymphomaniac who goes out and has a ton of sex. Although, I don’t personally see that as being all that much of a problem ;).

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