For Your Car’s Attire, Think Tires Now, Here’s Why

Penny trick to check your tire's tread.

Jonson Kuhn | North Forty News

Winter is coming. And though I’m sure there’s a clever Game of Thrones pun to be had here, there’s just simply no time because winter is, in fact, coming. Are your car’s tires ready? Are you sure? When was the last time you checked? Go check right now, it’s okay, I’ll wait.

Well? Yeah, that’s what I thought, but don’t freak out because the good folks at Discount Tire of Fort Collins located at 1830 N College Avenue have you covered. How do I know? Because they had me covered last week; true story. I went in to do an interview for this article and I left with two new tires. Now, I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking I’m some kind of schmuck that just totally got sold on something he didn’t need, am I right? Well, you’re wrong. The good folks at Discount Tire had machines and science to prove that my two front tires were shot! And if that wasn’t enough, they even used the ole’ tried but true Abe Lincoln penny method, but I’m getting ahead of myself; allow me to begin at the start.

I sat down with Store Manager Jeremy Gilmartin for a quick interview about winter tire safety and all things related. It turns out that Discount Tire has a whole list of winter safety tips and they’re not even going to charge you to hear them. No, instead, I’m going to give them to you for free right now:

  1. Get Pressure Right and Check It Often

We’re talking low pressure, folks, which leads to poor handling and gas mileage, excessive wear, overloading, you name it. Checking your tire pressure for air is a lot like checking your own pulse for life, we never think to do it but it’s so very, very important.

  1. Check Your Tread

Not to be confused with the classic Beastie Boys album ‘Check Your Head’, this one is my favorite because it utilizes the ole’ tried but true Abe Lincoln penny method many have heard the tale of but yet never seen for themselves. This was demonstrated on my own personal vehicle and that’s how I came to understand that my two front tires were shot. You simply place a penny in between the tread and if you see old Abe’s little head poking out, then you know it’s time to go see a professional.

16th President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln.
  1. Rotate Often

How often? Oh, gee, I don’t know, how about every 6,000 miles or earlier if uneven wear develops often. That’s at least what I was told, and I asked around, it checks out.

  1. Utilize All-Season Tire Changeover

Discount Tire technicians literally live to switch your summer tires for winter tires, and then they’ll even change them back once the winter weather is over! It’s all these guys think about!

Discount Tire employee examining shot tires.
  1. Check Your Trunk

This one should just be obvious; God forbid someone finds a body back there and then you’re left trying to answer some tough questions. But also, because it’s good to check and see what your vehicle has stored away with regards to roadside assistance. It’s always good to have a plan…no matter the circumstance.

  1. Know Your Age

Not your own age, (although that’s good, too), but the age of your tire. It can easily be found by checking the DOT number stamped on its sidewall. Discount Tire recommends replacing any tire that’s 6 years old or more, and I’d actually like to personally double down on that statement and recommend that you replace anything at all that’s six years old or more, including children. (Not really.)

  1. Book an Appointment Online and Save Time

Come on people, it’s 2021 for Pete’s sake! You know you’re on the internet all the time, you’re probably on it right now, so make your life easy for once and just book with Discount Tire online. Also, from the website they’ve got this pretty cool guide to selecting tires called Treadwell. It uses decades of data and experience to personalize and deliver the optimal tire recommendations for your specific vehicle, where you live and your driving habits. Why, it even knows the very dreams you dream in your sleep! I made that last part up but I’m sure the technology is only a few years away.

My car!
  1. Bottom line: What You Can Expect with Discount Tire?

Uh, more like what Can’t you expect with Discount Tire, okay? Because these folks aren’t just putting pennies in tires over here, no, every Discount Tire and I mean EVERY DISCOUNT TIRE LOCATION ON THE PLANET (currently only servicing the lower 48 states of America) provides a wide assortment of services such as tire inspections, airchecks, rebalancing, TPMS services, and windshield wiper replacements. They also have very nice restrooms.

Look, as one of the largest purchasers of tires, Discount Tire provides all of their customers with competitive pricing because they know what they’re doing, and they’ve been doing it for a long time. And I should know, I’m not only a journalist, but I’m also a client. Now go book your appointments today at and tell them Jonson Kuhn with North Forty sent you! It won’t get you a discount, but it still sounds cool.

Discount Tire located at 1830 N. College Ave.

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