The Monolith: Was a Dairy Farm in Metropolitan Bellvue, Colorado, Visited by Aliens???

The Monolith on top of the hill on the Morning Fresh Dairy Farm, overlooking pasture land in Pleasant Valley, CO.  (Photograph by Richard Gonet).

Richard Gonet | North Forty News

First a Monolith appeared out of nowhere in the year 2020 in the Utah desert.  Then, in the ensuing years, Monoliths mysteriously appeared around the world in such places as Romania, California, and Las Vegas.  The number of Monoliths now recorded on as of this date is 246 and suddenly two weeks ago a shiny Monolith appeared on a tall hill overlooking Morning Fresh Dairy in the sleepy northern Colorado community of Bellvue, a place where a visitor is likely to see more cows than people or aliens.

Why Bellvue was chosen for this installation, and by whom, is the subject of much speculation.  The first thought when these things appear is always that it might have been placed by aliens.  That always raises the question of why supposedly superior beings who can navigate the cosmos would take the time to place a Monolith on a dairy farm in Bellvue.  Are they trying to send a message and, if so, to whom — people or cattle?  One might also ask why these superior beings would do something as primitive as pouring a concrete pad and bolting the Monolith to it using hardware that can be found in any neighborhood hardware store on this planet. 

Visitors pose for selfies in front of the highly polished surface of the Monolith in Bellvue, CO.  (Photograph by Richard Gonet).

The Morning Fresh Dairy farm is located in the area known as Pleasant Valley, which is also the supposed site of the alleged powder cache from which the Cache la Poudre River gets its name.  Savvy aliens who read Colorado travel guides might have picked this spot because it has such a colorful reputation for the caching of memorabilia.

An alternative explanation was voiced by a group of visitors who climbed the hill to pray alongside the Monolith, claiming that it was a sign of the coming Apocalypse as foretold in the New Testament Book of Revelation.  What better place to announce the end of times to the world than in the midst of a herd of dairy cattle who would be obviously “moved” by the experience? 

Brett and Hope Gibson, who drove from Berthoud, CO, launch their drone to view the Monolith atop a hill in Bellvue, CO, which can be seen in the background.  (Photograph by Richard Gonet).

To discourage visitors, members of the Graves family manned the entrance gate and started charging an entrance fee, which slowed the onslaught of pilgrims but didn’t stop it.  They even toyed with the idea of deploying some bulls in the pasture to steer things right.  The ultimate solution, of course, was to remove the Monolith and on July 3 it was no longer there.  When asked if aliens had removed it, the barista at the Howling Cow said she didn’t know.

The most likely explanation is that the Monolith was placed on the hill by some crafty persons as a prank.  Hiding behind their anonymity, they can watch the frenzy and revel in their accomplishment.  Humans might be excited by this, but the cows aren’t “amoosed.”

Tourists climb the hill on the Morning Fresh Dairy farm to see the Monolith that suddenly appeared there.   (Photograph by Richard Gonet).

Some skeptics have opined that the Morning Fresh Dairy itself installed the Monolith to get attention and milk the situation to promote its Howling Cow Cafe and Noosa Yogurt that is produced on the dairy grounds.  Lori and Robbie Graves, who own the dairy, insist that this is not the case.  While they both found the Monolith interesting and amusing, they also found it to be a headache because of the hordes of tourists who overran their property.   The ultimate solution, of course, was to remove the Monolith and on July 3 it was no longer there.  When asked if aliens had removed it, the barista at the Howling Cow said she didn’t know.




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