Letter to the Editor – Jeni Arndt for Mayor of Fort Collins

Jeni James Arndt. Photo courtesy of Jeni James Arndt.

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Channing Arndt

As her husband of 31 years-plus, I am biased. I am also well-informed.
Here are four reasons to vote for Jeni:
Commitment to public service. Jeni has served as a Peace Corps volunteer, as a special education teacher, on school boards, and as a representative to the Colorado statehouse.
Smarts. She completed her Ph.D. in Language and Literacy while raising three small children. Then she put her ideas into practice as a middle school principal, International Baccalaureate program coordinator, and university professor. Her mind insists on clear thinking and evidence.
Openness. When a constituent brings a bill to the state, she asks, “Who is likely to oppose?” And then meets with the opposition. Because Jeni listens, does her homework, and crafts solutions, her bills frequently pass with large bipartisan margins.
Toughness. Let me assure you, her ability to forge compromise does not mean she compromises on her values. For example, she opposes the death penalty. Because of her efforts, the death penalty was repealed last summer. She has also been a significant mover behind the National Popular Vote compact and numerous bills related to water. Capital punishment, the electoral college, and water disputes are not areas for the faint of heart. Jeni has successfully gone there.
These four qualities-committed, smart, open, and tough–will allow her to serve you well as Mayor of Fort Collins. To see her vision, go to www.jeni4mayor.com. And don’t forget to vote.

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