The Holler! – Gratitude

By Dusty Ray The Holler!’s latest album, Gratitude, is just plain good. The sweet harmonies and laid-back songs could only have come from a group so closely connected with the landscape of Colorado. The group’s […]


James and the Devil – Altitude Sickness

By Dusty Ray James and the Devil is a band that knows how to write catchy tunes, and their atypical line-up is reminiscent of Blind Melon. With Altitude Sickness, the band proves their talent, but […]


David Michael Boyd – guitART

By Dusty Ray David Michael Boyd has created a rich and diverse album with guitART. Everything from delta blues, melodramatic classical to free jazz is revealed in this technically impressive cut. Boyd’s guitar work is […]


Matt Smiley – Quartet Art

By Dusty Ray Matt Smiley might be best known for his work with Fort Collins’ own Subterranean Jazz Trio, but his own improvisational and compositional ability is shown in full force with his latest cut, […]

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Book Review: The Queen of Water

By Dusty Ray Ecuador has seen a fair share of strife throughout its history – political tension, class warfare and military governments have all had their hand in the country’s tumultuous development. Once home to […]


Cotton Keys – Sweatshop Sounds

By Dusty Ray Eerie, lo-fi, and surprisingly catchy is the only way to describe the Cotton Keys’ recent release, Sweatshop Sounds. An array of influences reveal themselves on this album; sounds that range from Explosions […]


Carmen Sandim Sextet – Brand New

By Dusty Ray It comes as no surprise that Carmen Sandim has mastered the intricacies and subtleties of good jazz. A native of Brazil, Sandim has been studying piano since she was seven years old […]