Spires – Spires EP

By Dusty Ray Spires’ latest EP release is a brief but enjoyable slice of wistful indie tunes. The songs all ring with a certain uncertainty, carrying the listener on a veritable carousel of melancholic repetition, […]


Post Paradise – The New Normal

By Dusty Ray A cello-driven pop/post-punk quintet that rocks out with an ear for the symphonic, Post Paradise is a tight outfit whose aspirations are far reaching but accessible. With The New Normal, they belt […]


Ariana Saraha – Live at Immersive Studios

By Dusty Ray Rarely is an artist’s full vision and talent captured successfully on a live cut, but Ariana Saraha’s Live at Immersive Studios does so with unabashed ease. The album opens up with “Phoenix”; […]


Intergalactic Funk Cowboy – Funk Forever

By Dusty Ray With Funk Forever, Intergalactic Funk Cowboy has created a heavy-handed, electronic and synth-laden mass of nebulous music. From the terse delivery of Devo to the more introspective rattling of Depeche Mode, Intergalactic […]


Dan Loiz – Gorilla Horizontalness

By Dusty Ray Gorilla Horizontalness is an album bursting with crunchy, overextended jams that are either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your preference. Dan Loiz’s guitar work is impressive, and he […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Book Review: Shine

By Dusty Ray Black Creek, North Carolina is the backdrop for Lauren Myracle’s latest young adult novel, Shine. Black Creek is a sparsely populated town filled with secrets: drug abuse, shattered friendships and lies congeal […]


Shaley – A Little of Me For Now

By Dusty Ray Imagine that Sarah McLachlan was a little more cheery, edgy and had dropped her commercial sappiness, and you would get Shaley. Blending rock, jazz, blues and pop conventions comes naturally to Shaley, […]


End All – Coexist

By Dusty Ray End All’s debut album Coexist is a monstrosity worthy of any metal fan’s ears. Blend industrial with progressive metal, add in some avant-garde sensibility and a little electronica, and you have End […]