Edibles for the Sleep Deprived

By Holly Highlife

Before Amendment 64, Renee Baker’s life was a restless mess. The busy forty-something businesswoman was a chronic insomniac chasing sleep in any way she could.

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In her search for shut-eye, Renee self-medicated with alcohol, became addicted to Ambien and then Lunesta, tried three anti-anxiety medications and also explored a number of more natural solutions.

“I started using edibles for sleep a year ago. As a lifelong insomniac, I had tried everything from sleeping pills to dietary changes to herbs and acupuncture. Although all of these worked, when I found edibles (gummies to be exact) my life changed!”

She adds, “They provided a gentle way to gradually get tired enough to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night. I also don’t wake up groggy.” Her current regimen is one 10 mg. gummy before bed. She has discontinued all other sleep and anxiety medications. For the record, her favorites are the Highly Edible Brand Organic Fruity Bears.

Renee was also frightened by the side effects of pharmaceutical sleep aids, including sleepwalking and other odd behavior while still technically “asleep.” The most famous example is Congressman Patrick Kennedy crashing a car near the nation’s Capitol in 2006 while under the influence of Ambien.

“When people are looking for help with sleep we direct them to the edibles,” says Maka Kala’i, Director of Marketing and Sales for Organic Alternatives.

“We tend to see people get great results with edibles because they are long lasting.” Depending on your individual metabolism, edibles can last as long as ten hours. “Some of our customers have said that edibles for sleep have been life-changing for them.”

He recommends starting with a low dosage of five to ten milligrams. “Everybody needs to be careful with dosing. Everybody is different. Too high a dosage can cause a hangover,” he cautions.

I’ve not used edibles for sleep, but I have witnessed their effects. The lack of an immediate feeling can lead people to overdo things. The high is much more of a body high than one gets from smoking cannabis flowers.

A friend visiting from out of state bought some recreational gummies to try. He started with a 10-milligram dose, and after an hour of watching The Walking Dead, decided to take another. His last words for the night were, “I don’t think these are working.” That was just before his head hit my couch and he began to snore/drool.

My friend Jordan, who uses edibles for sleep and to treat a neurological problem, found there really can be too much of a good thing. One evening the edible chocolates tasted so yummy that he overdid things and found himself still feeling the effects the next morning. Unable to work or drive, he took a sick day instead.

The moral: Always follow the recommended dosage unless you are very experienced with edibles. That said, if you spend your nights craving sleep while staring at the bedroom ceiling, edibles might just be your answer.